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    For the last two days I’ve had 3 adverts on my blog. Two underneath my posts and a third sitting right at the top of my no.1 sidebar [my theme has 2 sidebars and I use both].

    The advertisement in my sidebar has displaced/pushed down all of the important widgets I placed in that position so that anyone visiting my blog would see them first. Now, anyone visiting my blog sees an advert. first.

    The widgets on sidebar no.1 include :

    Blog Stats
    Follow Blog
    Most Recent Posts
    Posts by Category
    Posts by Month
    Posts Via Search, and
    Friends & Fun Blogs

    As I think you’ll agree, these are vital widgets that play directly into a) the functioning of my blog and b) my ability to attract and keep new visitors to the blog. Given that I use my blog as a forum for my writing, and as a way of promoting my books, the placement of this advert. is highly detrimental to my blog.

    Is this fair?
    No. I’ve had a blog with WordPress since 2011 and in all that time I never objected to advertisments place underneath my blog posts. Placing one in my sidebar, however, goes beyond fair use. It /damages/ my ability to run a successful blog.

    Should I /pay/ to upgrade my blog?
    No. For a number of reasons. Firstly, I already own a domain from 20 years ago. I don’t want another. I also don’t want any of the so-called benefits that an upgraded plan would provide. The only thing I want is to NOT have an advertisement damaging my blog.

    Secondly, I can’t afford to pay even the most basic subscription fee. I am on what is colloquially known in Australia as ‘the dole’. That means I’m living on roughly $270 AUD, not USD, per week. I don’t even splurge on a cup of coffee, yet I’m supposed to pay a ransom to get my blog back?
    And that brings me to the 3rd reason I won’t pay to upgrade – ruining my blog to force me to pay for ‘no adverts’ is a form of coercion. And I will not give in to such standover tactics.

    If anyone else is having the same issue, I strongly recommend standing up for /fair/ treatment.

    The blog I need help with is acflory.wordpress.com.


    Very well stated, nikkojii. I so agree with you. And I also will not be forced into paying for a package that I don’t need or want other than “no ads”.



    Is there no end to the monetizing of life? Isn’t one of the reasons we in the so-called WordPress community use it precisely because there are NO commercials!

    Okay, WP needs income but why from us, the very people who have made WordPress what it is?! I’ve been using this platform for eight years but it seems you want us to pay for making you the most popular blogging platform on the planet!

    Surely, given the skills WP has acquired (because of us) there are other sources of income.

    Desist I tell you, desist!



    Thanks Dandelionsalad and Barovsky. I’m just angry enough to make a nuisance of myself.


    Is someone going to answer this?

    I PAID for the Premium Plan, which specifically states “No WordPress Advertising”, but now I’m seeing the exact same set of ads referred to in this post!




    Just got off chat with support. Here’s their response, and my follow-up questions. Hope it helps!

    A: It looks like that site has WordAds activated for your site. But if you’d like that off, you can adjust the setting for it here: https://wordpress.com/ads/settings/YOUR URL

    Q: Do I receive any compensation from WordAds?

    A: You’ll need to get to a minimum of $100 for payout words faq


    Q: Can you give me the link for more information on that?

    A: Sure! https://wordads.co/faq/



    @ chefperrypperkins

    Thanks for getting that info for us. I hope it worked for you, but on the free plan, Settings/Ad control only leads to two options

    1. pay for an upgrade that doesn’t have any ads., and/or
    2. place you own ads.

    I assume that with 2. there would be a charge.

    I don’t care at all about any ads that appear /below/ my blog posts. I care a great deal about ads. that appear in my sidebar, front and centre, and cause

    Blog Stats
    Follow Blog
    Most Recent Posts

    etc to be pushed below the bottom of the screen where visitors can’t see without deliberately scrolling down.

    This damages my blog and my brand, yet my only recourse is to /pay/ for the damage to stop.

    There’s a word for that and it’s not pretty.


    Recently, I asked that ads be removed from my WordPress.com free site. You all did this, and I greatly appreciate that. Now, I find out that the ads are going to return to the free sites.

    As some have already said, I do understand that there will be some ads. It is so disrupting to have them on sidebars. Please do not place them there again. The ads on posts… they please should not appear in the middle of posts and pages. Please place them after the entire post and its images, after the sharing, comments, and comment form.

    If ads must return, could they also be small, non-animated, and related to the blog’s topic? An image ad about a big ole diseased foot is revolting, and my blog does not discuss health diseases . The same for travel ads, donating to pet orgs, online auctions, vacation resorts, job placements, etc… Many of us strive to have well-written on topic posts. Unrelated and/or animated ads distract from that. No one likes to read a post with jumping animation and so many ads that they cannot locate the rest of the post nor the comments/comment form. Why not text-only ads? We are told that readers may see an ad on some posts. “Some” means every post and every page? The issue of the quantity , size, placement, and content of ads is very important.

    As some have already said, some of us cannot afford to pay for an upgraded account. If I start my new blog that would be $96.00 per year all at once yearly and no option to pay by the month. I have been on WordPress for several years, and do love the platform. Asking respectfully that WordPress.com consider our requests. Thank you for listening.



    Well said, daniceseclectic. We’re not being unreasonable. All we’re asking for is a fair compromise.

    And we are not beggars in this relationship with WordPress. We are the ones that provide the free content that WordPress uses to attract more members.

    We are also the ones that provide the free content that persuades some members to pay for special ‘things’.

    Placing ads in positions that detract from our content, or /our/ ability to attract new followers is like killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

    Yes, WordPress ‘can’ put ads wherever it likes. That, apparently, is part of the Terms of Service that none of us read. But should it?

    Squeeze the content creators hard enough, and they’ll eventually go elsewhere, and then WordPress will become another GeoCities or MySpace.

    Short term gain vs long term survival. I’d say that’s a no-brainer.


    Thank you nikkojii. Your comments are also well said and encouraged me to speak out. A fair compromise would be wonderful.


    Thank you nikkojii. Your comments are also well said and encouraged me to speak out. A fair compromise would be wonderful.


    Did not intend to post that twice. So sorry for the error.



    Thank you daniceseclectic, and no problem at all. I wonder if they will listen or whether we’re simply being allowed to let off steam?


    Hi folks –

    Thanks for sharing your feelings about the ads.

    If you could each please share with me the following information…

    – Site URL
    – Ad placement issue (with posts are sidebar)

    I’ll see what I can do and then follow up with you individually by email once you’ve posted the requested information.

    Please note that I am not working tomorrow as I am off so it will likely be Monday when I get back to you.



    Nice to hear from you Liz. As I started this discussion I may as well answer first.

    Blog URL:


    As a general rule , my blog posts now contain 3 advertisements – 2 below the post and 1 in the sidebar next to the post. I have screenshots but I can’t see a way of including them here.

    My theme is Elegant Grunge and I have 2 sidebars. The first one displays widgets that allow visitors to follow my blog and browse other posts. The second one contains pictures and links to my books. This is prime realestate on my blog. Quite frankly I’d rather have an advertisement in the banner than in the sidebar.



    Sidebar ads

    Thank you so much.




    Column-like ads that appear above all the page content so that no content is visible unless you scroll.




    Ouch. @mcoverda, that’s awful. At least visitors can /see/ my content. :(


    Lizkarkoski, the ads were large, at the top of sidebar. And scattered all through every post and page, a lot of ads, not just a few. Even inside the posts themselves. After I complained about it the first time, the ads all disappeared. I can however send you screenshots of some of them made before the ads were removed. The screenshots are saved in my WordPress account media section. I had tagged the complaint Modlook, and they got those screenshots as well. Thank you so much. ‘Will look for your email reply. ‘Will stay tuned to this thread as well.


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