Expired domain – how do I log in??

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    I’ve been blogging at http://www.teachingexperiment.com, a domain which I registered through WordPress. Unfortunately, the credit card which I used to register the domain name expired, so it didn’t auto-renew the domain. I would like to register a different credit card to renew the domain, but WordPress won’t let me login using either of the usernames that I have (teachingexperiment or Carla Meyrink). How can I log back into my WordPress site? If the domain name is no longer available, have I lost my content?

    Thank you!



    What is the underlying whatever.wordpress.com URL of the site?



    I’m not sure – I thought it was http://www.teachingexperiment.wordpress.com, but I might have just bought the domain straightaway (so I wouldn’t have an underlying wordpress URL, would I?).

    Thanks again!



    If it is a WordPress.com blog hosted at WordPress.com it will always have a whatever. wordpress.com URL.

    teachingexperiment.wordpress.com is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this site.

    If that was your blog, it’s deleted. Since you literally cannot delete a WP.com blog that has a custom domain without staff help, obviously it is not and never has been the URL of your blog.



    teachingexperiment.com – is registered with Godaddy and the name servers are pointing to Godaddy & not WordPress.COM – there is also no current Domain Mapping to any blogs here

    For starters – have a chat with Godaddy about renewing your domain registration with them – also ask who your host is –

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