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    Hi there all…Yes I found the way to add the events calender to with google but i can not seem to customize google calendar so that you just see a calendar with no info of google account…this site/blog is for a bridge club and i would really like to find a different way to add a calender that looks like the calendar for recent posts if anyone has an idea of even of a theme that has the widget included that would be GREAT!

    The blog I need help with is



    jup! That would be great!!!



    Just make a public calendar for the club using a unique email ONLY for club business and then put the calendar in your blog. It’s easy.



    cool, then tell us how you didi it!




    Thanks, I knew that … but that is not enough :(

    1) too small
    2) you cannot add appointments directly into the calendar
    3) The syle is not fitting ….

    We tried the following which shows in a fuctional sense but still requires that you have a google for adding apppintments etc…




    1) you can control the size of teh calendar by editing the code in Google

    2) You can if you’re signed in to the account. It’s not a calendar for other people to add events to: those kinds of things are EXPENSIVE and can’t be added to a blog.


    Tks all for the comments ….”EDITING CODE” in google OMG i am no wiz

    as for customizing the calender example if i follow the above link that shows how to add the google calender to blog and go all the way to the bottom where inserting calendar in text widget…. I want to get rid of the “my calendar is cool” & the WordPress is awesome” or change it also get rid of the events in time zone …can i accomplish any of this


    I want to get rid of calender owner



    I want to get rid of *.COM ;)

    No honestly, its is actually very cheap to implement a nice calender – there are thousands of plugins out there and you can do it yourself (did it 10 years ago in php in less then one hr…) – but you CANNOT use them on why do they make life so difficult for us :(

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