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    I have recently started using the Twenty Seventeen theme on both my blogs. However, I have run into a trouble when trying to change the header image. I have found header images that work for both, but in trying to select other choices for header imagines, particular for the blog at http://compulsiveoverreader.wordpress.com , I’m finding that nearly ever photo I choose from my pictures, when I bring it in and I choose “Select & Crop,” the cropping screen tells me “There was an error cropping your image” and I can’t find any way to crop or use the picture. I’ve had this happen with several different photos I tried to use for header images, and I’m wondering if there’s some requirement for header image photos in this theme that I’m missing out on.

    Any help/suggestions anyone can offer would be much appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is trudymorgancole.wordpress.com.



    Not sure why it says at the end there “The blog I need help with is trudymorgancole.wordpress.com” — does that get added automatically? Because the blog I need help with in this case compulsiveoverreader.wordpress.com



    Currently, after playing around with it a bit more, a picture that it wasn’t allowing me to crop and use as a header this morning, it now is allowing me to use — which is good, but also strange because I didn’t do anything different with it. I’d like to take a good, new picture to use as a header but I’m a little concerned I’ll go to the trouble of taking one I really like and then won’t be able to post it.



    Hello there,

    Many thanks for reaching out and providing those updates.

    The size in terms of width is the most likely cause of this issue – are you able to confirm the sizes of the old and new images you’d like to use please?

    Many thanks.

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