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    Would you consider adding the “Enable Media Replace” plugin or an equivalent to the basic (free) plan? There’s currently no way to edit a PDF — say, to fix a bad link or typo — without deleting the old one, which may be linked to by many other sites, and uploading a new one which will get a new URL.

    The blog I need help with is postmodernquaker.wordpress.com.


    Hi there!

    There’s currently no way to edit a PDF — say, to fix a bad link or typo — without deleting the old one

    What exactly do you mean? You can edit the title and description of any document. Do you mean you’d like to edit the PDF itself to change its content?


    You can edit the title and description, but you cannot edit the PDF content; therefore, you must download the PDF, edit it, delete the original copy from your Media Library, and upload the new copy. No problem so far. But you cannot give the new copy the same filename that the original had: filenames are assigned by the system, and the filename will include the month and year of the upload and cannot be changed by the blog owner. So the new document does not really replace the old, because it has a different URL. That means that all links to the document on the Web will be broken.

    There are plugins, such as the one mentioned, that allow the blog owner to give the uploaded, revised PDF the same exact URL that the original PDF had, so that the revised version really does replace the original and can still be accessed by others who are following a link to the original URL. It would be very helpful to have one built in: the cost of a business site (to allow plugins) can be prohibitive for a casual blogger.


    Thank you for explaining, I see what you meant now.

    We have no plans for something like this at the moment, but I’ve added your suggestion to our feature request list.

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