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    I am re-designing a website under the domain http://www.rrshowcars.com. Everything about the layout in the new site is improved, and one addition I was planning on making was an embedded WP blog page. This way, anytime my client wants to add to the site it’s a simple task of logging onto WordPress and writing new posts. The post would then show up on a webpage http://www.rrshowcars.com/blog.html
    I imagine it would work like an embedded Google Maps’ map or an embedded Youtube Video.
    Does WordPress have a function or service that allows domains to embed their blogs?
    Any help or advice is appreciated.
    -Rookie Web Admin Jay

    The blog I need help with is rrdrops.wordpress.com.



    If you are talking about using a service like WordPress.com, then you could do this with domain mapping the WordPress.com address to a subdirectory on your client’s domain. However, the blog would still be bound by the full TOS here on WordPress.com and all the code limitations that are in place here.

    If you are talking about using the stand-alone version of WordPress, then you are in the wrong forum.Some people confuse WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM (which is where we are). These links will explain the difference.

    WordPress.COM or WordPress.ORG? The difference

    8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums

    And for questions on the stand alone program you will have to head over to http://wordpress.org/support/



    I imagine it would work like an embedded Google Maps' map

    You can embed your wp blog in an external site the same way Google Maps are embedded – using iframe codes.

    Will not work if the domain restricts iframes like wp.com does.



    The very few times I’ve seen a host use an i-frame to embed someone’s WordPress.com blog in their site, it’s looked like a donkey’s behind, messing up page titles and more. If your host says this is the only way your client can use WordPress.com with his present site, personally I’d be looking for a new host.




    Looks like you are using iframes to showcase your wordpress.com blog in your site. This is the first time I am seeing a wp.com blog in another site embedded in this manner and it’s not looking like a donkey’s behind to me. The way your wordpress.com blog looks has helped a lot.

    Jennifer’s words should be taken seriously, the iframe technique won’t produce great looking results if the embedded blog has a lot of “clutter”..



    Perhaps it’s a matter of personal opinion, having your blog stuck in a tiny iframe in your site’s “Main Page” is not only a donkey’s behind, but a huge disservice to your readers. Who wants to scroll all over the place in order to read it? Certainly not me.

    The “read full screen” link under the iframe is already leading them to WordPress.com, so IMNSHO you would be far better off ditching the iframe, including a link to your WordPress.com blog in the navigation bar of your website with a reciprocal link back to your website on your blog and leave it at that.



    @justjennifer I would use the term Tacky and second something



    Instead of using an iframe, use your blog’s rss feed to use your on the regular site. geckotribe.com has several solutions – I’ve used Carp for years. There is a free version and a paid version.



    I think it looks dreadful and would never have this on my site. Moreoever, iframes have security issues. IMHO having an RSS feed to your blog on your site is a far better choice.



    Referring to your original idea:
    I imagine it would work like an embedded Google Maps' map [...]

    Google maps are visible in blogs because iframe codes are used to embed them (in non-wp.com platform). Since you imagined it to work like an embedded Google map, I gave you the technical solution for that. And it just so happens that a blog can be embedded the same way Google maps are embedded in sites (other than wp.com) – that is using iframes.

    I have also mentioned that you have been able to pull it off because of how your blog originally looks. If you want to stick to the iframe solution, then I would advise you to have a simple looking blog (no header, no footer, no stickies, no side bar, no welcome message, no header widget, no featured image or featured post, no frills). Keep it stripped like it already is and also make sure your blog doesn’t show too much on the home page. That is, if you set your blog to show more than one latest post, make sure you truncate the post or use pagination. Even so, don’t set your home page to show more than five posts.

    If you set your blog to show one latest post only, make sure it does not ever take up too much space (again, use the “more” tag to truncate the post or use pagination.)

    *Although I have never taken a close look at a donkey’s behind (and so I am not an expert judge on its looks), I believe your blog is looking nothing like a donkey’s behind.
    At best, it’s looking like content put in a scroll box.

    On the other hand, techwoman has a rather cool idea and you can embrace it if you can compromise with the fact that it won’t like an embedded Google map. It will fetch headlines of your latest posts (some even fetches images and opening lines).

    Some free rss services are:
    widgetbox, bloggybits, vuvox express

    Just google to get the link to their home page.



    If you do decide to draw from the RSS feed on ther wordpress.com blog and your client’s site is NOT equipped to do that then we cannot help you with the set up here at wordpress.COM. You will have to write something in PHP or javascript to do that. Here are a couple options:

    We do not provide support for any blogs other than free blogs being fee hosted by wordpress.COM on this forum.
    The correct forum to post to for support for your client’s site is found here. > http://wordpress.ORG/support/




    If you are worried about security issues concerning iframes:
    No, using IFRAMEs in your site does not create a security risk.
    says Google webmaster help.

    To cut a long story short, iframes are risks for sites where more that one user can log in and add code to a site – then it’s possible that an unscrupulous user can embed malicious content with iframe that can fool an unwary visitor.

    A correction:
    On the other hand, techwoman has a rather cool idea and you can embrace it if you can compromise with the fact that it won't like an embedded Google map.

    Should be read as
    On the other hand, techwoman has a rather cool idea and you can embrace it if you can compromise with the fact that it won't LOOK like an embedded Google map.

    My heartiest apologies for the oversight.


    @rrdrops, why not map a subdomain of the website to the blog here such as http://blog.rrshowcars.com/ ? This puts the blog “on” the site in its full form and gets rid of all the messy iframe issues discussed above. iframes work well for embedding smaller things, but NOT a full web page. I think with the mapped subdomain solution not only you, but all of the website’s readers would be more satisfied.



    One other note: The search engines ignore anything in an iframe on a website which means in this case the website and the blog are still stand-alone and do not help each other in terms of search engine ranking.

    If you map the blog to a subdomain of the website, then the two actually end up helping each other as far as search engine ranking and the overall ranking will be higher than either of the sites would be alone.



    Bottom line, if you want to have your client use WordPress.com as his blogging tool, that’s terrific. But, as both tsp and I have pointed out, you would be doing him a far better service to get the annual domain mapping upgrade and map the blog to a subdomain of his site so that it *is* a part of his site.

    Cheers and good luck!

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