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    After some time away from the site, and publishing a post last night, I find that my subscribers are not being notified of the new posts. I called or texted a random dozen people, none of whom got an email. What’s up? Also, assuming a fix to the problem, must I then delete and republish my most recent post in order to reach my readers?

    The blog I need help with is



    @sonnybrewer, sorry to hear that. Could you share three or four of the email addresses that did not get notifications? We’ll check each one to see if we can tell what’s wrong.

    Noting too, you can safely share the addresses here. Our forum software will automatically hide the email addresses from public view.



    Well, for starters, my own (email redacted) and (email redacted); then, (email redacted), (email redacted), (email redacted), (email redacted), etc

    Someone suggested, “Do you follow your site? Are emails turned on? You can see them here: Click Settings to see if you have emails on.”

    And, again, at a presumed resolution to this issue, must I delete the post and republish it for my subscribers to be notified. I find another question with a Google search addressing the very same issue with “subscribers not receiving email notification of new posts” and someone answered that, yes, after a fix this would be necessary.



    Found online, another one in my same boat:

    My Jetpack “Subscribe for new posts” widget and Sharing buttons are not working. Subscribe states an email was sent, but it is never received and does not go into spam. Tested with multiple email accounts (hotmail, yahoo mail and one other). Please note that I was able to subscribe with my gmail which is connected to my WordPress account, but no other email addresses will work.

    When attempting to Share a post via email, it says it was sent but the email is never received.

    I have performed the following troubleshooting steps:
    – Deactivated plug ins and retested
    – Tried a different theme and retested
    – Verified my site’s XMLRPC file is okay
    – Deactivated/reactivated Jetpack (and reconnected it to my wordpress account) and retested
    – Viewed debug results – all said either PASS or OK
    – Left Google captcha deactivated since Jetpack Known Issues states it is not compatible with Jetpack Comments module (even though as far as I know I don’t have an issue with comments).
    – I also deactivated Jetpack and tried the Email Subscribers & Newsletters Plug in ( and it still did not work.

    I reactivated a “Coming Soon” widget as I don’t want my site live yet, but I can deactivate it if needed for troubleshooting purposes.

    I then tried going to and received “AN unknown error has occurred”.

    Perhaps there is something in my theme or within wordpress itself that is conflicting? Any help would be very appreciated!!



    Yeah, for what it’s worth, I get an error at the debug page too. Then I clicked to test for further information, and that time it worked.

    Usually in troubleshooting these, we check email logs first as that’s usually where the issue is, but in your case it’s not sending at all.

    And if the connection is spotty, you could run into all sorts of random issues.

    When I had an error it was “transport error – HTTP status code was not 200 (429)” — which indicates too many requests. Would you be willing to check with your host on this to see if they’re seeing an issue on their end?



    You mean, Network Solutions? If so, I’ll try. I’m not sure I love having my WordPress fun so scattered. How can I consolidate? Like, should I bring everything–hosting, theme–all in house to WordPress? Or, do you think I’m okay as-is?

    I’ve got to step away from the computer for a spell, but I’ll wait for your answer on Network Solutions as the go-to place for a solution.


    At the moment the Jetpack connection is established correctly and there are no errors on the debug tool. Knowing that there are no errors it might be a good time to send out a test post and see if those post notifications get delivered.

    It seems like there were connection issues with your Jetpack plugin before while trying to sort out the debug. Now we can rule out a Jetpack connection issue with the debug clear. Let me know if the emails are received or not.

    I wouldn’t jump to moving your entire set up over to If you’d like to use our managed environment we would be glad to have you — but let’s see if we can’t get these Jetpack notifications sorted first.



    I just deleted and republished the post and, guess what, I got an email notification. Thank you. I’m back in business.

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