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    General advice is not to write email addresses on webpages because they’ll be trawled by spambots. suggests using an html mailto: link. But I thought spambots easily found those too. has various plugins to protect email addresses but I haven’t been able to find anything on .

    Is it OK after all to use an html mailto: link? Any other solutions?

    I’ve made contact forms for each of our addresses, but I think the committee is keen the public also has the option to email.

    And secondary question: we have two sites, one public and the other private so only members can read it. Can spambots trawl email addresses from the private site?

    I ask in case I can persuade the committee that we only use forms on the public site. But members will find it difficult if they don’t know the committee’s email addresses.


    The blog I need help with is


    A contact form would be my first suggestion, but if everyone involved is okay making a few select email addresses public, then posting them on the site and dealing with any resulting extra spam on the other side would probably be okay. Spammers are able to get email addresses in lots of different ways, not just by scraping websites, so you’re probably already getting spam—and email providers all have spam prevention measures in place which help with this kind of thing.

    A counter point is that if you do use a form to start with, and if the person does connect with someone, as soon as you send a reply they will have the email address at that point,.

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