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    I tried to change my email address but it says it is already being used, so I tried to log in with my original email, and it says that account doesn’t exist? How do I solve this issue?



    Hi there,

    Can you please let me know what that email address is so I can have a look?

    Please note that only me and other staff members will be able to see your email address. It will be hidden from other forum members.



    Hi… I do have the email adress: (email redacted)
    But I don’t know how I get sign in and/or use it (receiving and sending mails like I daily use my gmail.
    Woluld you please give me guidence?


    Hey @husrevsahi,

    I would love to assist you, but in order to keep threads on topic, I wanted to see if you could create a new post?:



    The email I am having issues with is (email redacted)



    That particular account was deleted 3 days ago. We do hold email addresses of deleted accounts for 30 days. After that point, you’ll be able to re-use the email address.

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