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    It would be fantastic to have a simple editorial calender added to wordpress.com sites. It makes it much easier to see when posts are scheduled to be release by day instead of having to scroll through a list.

    Here is an example you can get with a wordpress.org account that would be simple to add to a wordpress.com site.


    The blog I need help with is modernhomesteader.net.



    I’d like to second the suggestion. I’m trying to work on my blog but it is not easy without being able to plan out my editorial calendar. Keeping target dates in excel sheets and to-do apps is anything but easy or efficient. I can see the dates but i can’t see how it looks in the course of a week, month or even a year. You could argue that Excel sheet could be an appropriate alternative, however including this plugin in the standard set of plugins included would help the bloggers immensely.

    a) Bloggers could plan their posts far into the future, which would help them provide timely, regular and good quality material.
    b) The functionality of the plugin (especially the drag and drop support) makes planning immensely easy.
    c) The plugin also simplifies the management of posts in a multi-author blog and helps to see ‘the bigger picture’ of your blog!

    Please consider including the ‘Editorial Calendar’ plugin.

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