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    @ekkescorner I can’t see your code here, but instead of using “sourcecode” do you have better luck with just “code” ?



    I reblogged a post from one of my blogs (posted in 2009) to another. Captions under photos that are correct in the original are a mess in the reblog. Instead of appearing under the photos, they appear to the right side and run directly into the main text. Because this is a reblog, I can’t correct them. Will there be any attempt to streamline such transitions from one blog to another?

    Inserting photos into posts via the improved posting experience is more complicated than it is using WP Admin, but I believe that has already been reported.


    Thanks for your comment @kathywaller. It sounds like you are describing a formatting problem with reblogs and not an issue with the editor. Based on your description so far, I wonder if it might be a theme-specific problem. If you have time and you would like additional help, please start a new thread and include a link to the post where the formatting looks off so that someone can hopefully take a closer look and help out once they have a little more information about the problem.

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