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    I noticed when creating a couple new posts since the editor update that the option to link to an old blog post is no longer available. Is there any way that can be added back, or is it located in another editing option now?


    Kriskarkoski: the first good news I’ve heard is that the Admin Dashboard is not going away, but that is according to you. Other support staff say it is. I’d like to believe that to be true, but there is no evidence in any direction, so I am going by what has been going on lately.
    I’m tired of getting different stories. I don’t think you guys give a hoot about us PC users or blog owners at all.


    How to bypass the “new editor” on your PC. This redirect does NOT work on Mac, sorry.

    Come visit my blog. I’ll repost the fix there, but I’d rather not post it here. Who knows how much vengeance I’d bring down on my head? These are not very nice people who run WordPress.


    Unexpected positive of this “new editor” horrible-ness: I have new blog readers, and have found several cheeky new people to follow as well (hi teepee). :)


    To anonsmithe and anyone else using a PC who wants to not use the crappy new WordPress Interface, I have posted (again) a workaround. It’s the featured post on my blog at teepee12.com (Serendipity). It isn’t mine. It actually came from a fellow German blogger — Dennis — and I thank him every day because I think I’d have thrown in the towel if I’d had to work with the “new improved” interface.


    I too have heard conflicting messages about the classic editor being phased out. Whether it is or not, it seems that WordPress really really really does not want people to use it.

    Is someone from WordPress able to give us an unequivocal guarantee that the classic editor will not be phased out? “No plans” is a step in the right direction, but it’s not the same as an unequivocal guarantee. (Sorry, I used to be a lawyer, so I think in these terms).

    Such a guarantee would be a very positive act of goodwill toward WordPress users unhappy with this new update, which seems to be most of them.


    @petetresadern We’re working on bringing these features to the new editor, they’re just not quite ready yet.


    @thejuicenut Are you using Safari or another browser on your iPad? Could you visit http://supportdetails.com/ and let me know what version of iOS it’s running as well so we can look into this. Thanks!


    @countrydiscgolf it is not in the new editor just yet, but will be back


    @seanmunger We can’t say it will never, ever be removed. We plan to be around for a long time and things change :)

    But I can say with confidence that WP Admin will be around indefinitely with no discussions about removing it whatsoever. As people have noticed, there’s features there that aren’t in the editor yet and some people prefer that interface. We plan to continue offering a choice between WordPress.com and WP Admin, but WordPress.com is unique to us so most of our energy is towards improving that instead of splitting our efforts across different options. If you and others prefer WP Admin the easiest way to access it is by bookmarking the address in your browser.

    The interface you find at WP Admin mostly comes from the open-source WordPress.org project and will evolve with any changes they make on the WordPress.org side.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can clarify!


    I am using Safari and iOS 8.3. The screen is mostly unresponsive now, no typing allowed!


    @thejuicenut Thank you, we’re looking into this.


    Thank you for being so responsive, you are taking a lot of flak but I appreciate the speedy response.


    This is an absolutely terrible update. I have lost functions i use regularly and it made others disappear completely. Having to scroll to the top of my page every time I add a photo when it used to sit right on top? Stupid. We are business level user and we have lost functionality. Don’t expect us to stay business level.


    @Kriskarkoski: Thank you, that is reassuring. My suggestion is that WordPress officially announce that guarantee on their blog, Twitter, etc.–it will make a lot of users feel a lot better.

    @teepee12: Thank you for reblogging the “banisher” script (my term) on your blog! I just installed it and it works perfectly. I can’t thank you (and the person who originally blogged it, and the person who came up with the script) enough. The evil new editor has now been permanently abolished from my browser. Anyone who is annoyed at this “add -admin” thing in order to get to the old editor, I strongly advise adding the “banisher.” You won’t have to go through that extra step–the old editor will appear no matter what you click.


    You are welcome, everyone. Dennis and whoever originally wrote the “banisher” script deserve an Heroic Blogger Award … something solid including a statuette and gift certificate or something. If I didn’t have the workaround, I think I’d have given up blogging as a bad job.


    I have just gone back in to my blog after logging out and it has lost all my scheduled posts and drafts. Hours of work.


    Sorry, since I wrote that my scheduled posts have disappeared, I realised that the buttons have now become a drop down menu in the few minutes since I was last on the site and they are in there! Phew. I can’t keep up with all these changes.


    @kriskarkoski – Very interesting! I did not know it had that feature.

    I like to insert a downscaled image into the post inline and have it link to the full-size image. I can do this by selecting “Custom URL” in the Insert from URL dialog. Is there any way to do this through the post editor, or do I need to go to the HTML and write the HTML manually?


    An update: I heard from the script author and this is what he says:

    Hi Marilyn, I’m the author of that script that you use. I’m glad you’re finding the script useful, and thanks also goes to Dennis for spreading the word.

    I noticed you said in a forum post that “This redirect does NOT work on Mac, sorry”. Could you please elaborate on that? It might be more difficult to get working on Safari, but it works just fine if you use Firefox or Chrome, both of which are available for Mac.

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