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    Well said Ranting Crow! I was actually hoping that all this was not for looks or stupid phones, but I’m starting to suspect. I’ve only had my site for 3 weeks and now I have to take it down because I do not trust the new editor (half the vital functions are gone and not returning) and I’m told by two support people that the admin dashboard is going away and I predict very soon based on an algorithm.
    I’m starting to wonder of wordpress is going under as far fetched as it sounds.


    Hi — what happened, when I click on link, to the ability to scroll through and auto link my old posts? It’s a major pain now to have to go through the front end to my site, find the old post, copy the URL and then click back to WP and paste it in. How can I get this feature back? Also, where is the word count? What a silly thing to get rid of. And the way the title/subject shows now, I can’t see it all at one time. Finally, when I am using my laptop, and not an extended monitor, if I want to schedule a post and not just publish right then, when I try to click on the calendar, there is no way to scroll down to see the bottom row of dates in a month (like next week). If everything on the left side functionality is a drop-down, you have got to have a way to scroll to it. Definitely not feeling like the new interface is as well thought out as previous versions in the writing phase. This is a big step backwards. (Also not a fan of the narrower width, but picking my battles here.)



    Dear Kris Karkoski
    I do not want to click images and drag corners, I want to use html, because I have been using html for many years, I like it, I have things under control and know what I am doing and why do things have to be changed constantly, why did you not leave it as it was, when we were all one big happy blogging family and understood what we were doing.

    @ranting Crow – thankyou for your comment, very logical and expresses my opinion completely.

    @anonsmithe – if the admin dashboard is going then that will definitely be the beginning of the end, but perhaps we bloggers are not so important. It’s the look that counts, not the functionality.



    I asked if the old template was still available and received the answer yes, in the WP admin section. I found an old version of the template, but a very old version. I want the template in use before this new template arrived.

    The only editors we offer now are the new editor at wordpress.com/post and the classic WP Admin editor found by adding /wp-admin/post-new.php to your site address.

    Also, although it might just be me, I write my blogs on my computer, usually in pages or word, according to whether I am on my apple or Microsoft and do not have to permanently save them. I then do a copy paste. I can no longer paste in this new version, so I have to used strg V which is very annoying.

    This is a bug that I have reported to our editor team. As a workaround, if you add any content to the post content area you should then see the right-click paste option.

    In the old template the HTML followed me through the template. Now I have to scroll to find it again.

    Do you mean the toolbar? If so, it should follow you as you scroll down, but the title does not currently. If the toolbar is not visible when scrolling down could you let me know your browser and operating system versions from supportdetails.com. Thanks!

    I do not need to drag and drop my photos. I have 16,000 photos on a photo hosing site, complete with html links for various sizes, which would not be practical to use in WordPress, so I apply html. I like html, I worked on web sites myself, and completed a web assistant course, so why should I now be forced to forget what I learnt. the previous template was so perfect.

    There is still an HTML tab to customize the HTML of your post as you like, but it does not have a toolbar at present. That will be brought back in the future. If that’s not the HTML you’re referring to could you describe what is missing in more detail so I can make note of it?


    @chrisandhels Word count is not in the new editor yet, but will be returning soon


    @anonsmithe There are no plans to remove the WP Admin dashboard and classic editor found by adding /wp-admin/ to your site address



    I’ve given this a try. It’s still not ready for prime time. Issues that drive me insane:
    1. No word count. It’s necessary. The H.E. said to use the count feature on my browser. Would if it existed; it doesn’t. So I have to cut n paste into word and then back again into wordpress. Let me count the ways this is not working…
    2. When I preview and then try to return to the draft by closing the preview page (with the “X”), it takes me back to an earlier draft. Not good.
    3. I go back and forth between draft and preview to see what things actually look like. Unfortunately, the previews start stacking up, god knows why, and when I start to close them, it screws up the drafts and again reverts to earlier ones, even after your system has saved later drafts.
    4. Sometimes I have to wait and wait for your system to actually save a draft, because the save feature disappears into a prolonged saving mode.
    This has not made things easy…



    @kriskarkoski – thankyou for your prompt answer. I do not mean the toolbar as I rarely need it, just for word formatting, I mean the html editor. I use Chrome as a browser and mainly work on my Apple computer for WordPress and actually have no problem in connection with browsers. Just with the new editor, which is not as efficient as the old one. I like to have things under control on my computer, which has always been the case until this new editor appeared, but we users have to adapt.



    @catholicschoolspirit2 Could you share the Soundcloud URL so I can take a closer look at this issue? Thanks!


    @ournextlifedotcom Linking to existing content and word count will be coming to the new editor in the future. Thanks for letting us know that you’re missing these features as this helps us prioritize what we work on bringing to the editor next!


    @holtzclawc I have not seen that behavior with closing the preview returning to an old draft. May I ask what browser and operating system you’re using (supportdetails.com) and if you have any extensions installed so I can take a closer look? Thanks!



    This new layout stinks!

    Why does the section on the left now take up so much screen space? This excessive space is needless and reduces space for the blog stats.

    I found this changed this morning, and immediately disliked it. At the very least you should provide your users with a way to either reduce this space, or close it when not needed.


    @angloswiss Thanks for clarifying! I would say give the new editor another try down the road when the HTML toolbar and advanced image settings are in place and it will be a more comparable experience to the old editor in terms of features with some speed improvements.


    @bateau4u Thanks for your feedback. That is a separate change unrelated to the new editor launch.



    So, for what it’s worth, here’s my take on this. I have a little app that so far has let me me bypass your new editors and use the old one, which works SO much better than the “improved” versions.

    I’ve been blogging for just short of 4 years. I’ve got 350,000 hits and almost 9,000 followers. I’m tired of being bullied by you. Why are you are so determined to make the blogging experience more difficult by replacing functionality with “fashion?” It’s such a bad idea.

    I spent my life working in software design and I know a bad interface when I see one. If you take away access to the old dashboard/admin page and force me to use the new editor — which is NOT in any way better — I will give up. You win. You beat me.

    This is supposed to be fun. It’s a hobby, not a job. If you can’t fathom that none of us CARE about flash and dash of a new design … we care about having tools that work, that give us control of our text and graphics … then okay. I’ll cancel my premium package and be on my way.

    I won’t keep fighting. I don’t want a fight, just tools which work. Not this half-baked amateur tool set. It’s bad design. Missing critical functionality. You’ve been trying to force this crap up our noses for years. You don’t seem to get the concept that bloggers are customers. Without us, you are an empty theater.


    I posted this elsewhere and was advised to check this thread out …. and now I realise that I am not the only one struggling with this:

    “What has happened to the edit facility?

    “If you click “edit” on a page you are presented with a cut down facility which does not allow you to edit an image or search for links. I am sure other bits are also missing but I haven’t found them yet.

    The only way I can get the complete edit facility is to go back into WP admin each time, which is very time consuming”.

    Please can we have the full edit facility back when we click “edit””

    I am guessing by reading this thread that the answer is no …. which is a real shame …



    I am having all sorts of problems on my iPad Air since the change to Editor.
    1)It jumps about all over the place, it takes several attampts to put the cursor in the right place;
    2)When I finish editing or previewing a post I can’t load another post to edit without leaving the site and coming back in again, it just flashes grey bars, sometimes it eventually loads the title but not the body of the text;
    3) It won’t allow me to copy and paste a post written previously on Pages that I want to transfer onto my blog post, which I had no problems doing prior to the change.



    Since I posted my problems with the new editor and my iPad, I can now not do any editing at all or compose new posts. The screen keeps freezing and when I do get a cursor nothing happens when I try to type. I am at my wits’ end. I can’t even use the back button to return to my site, I have to come out and come back in again.



    Teepee12 are you using a tablet phone or PC? If you are using a PC please let the rest of us suffering under this regime of bling masters know what app it is so we can get on with our work on our sites.
    Thank you.
    While I have no experience compared to you, I stand with you on your statement.

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