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  • Introducing: Our New, High-Speed Editor

    We’ve launched some pretty big changes to the WordPress.com Editor today, including design improvements, autosave with revisions, faster media, instant previews, better contrast, easy access to drafts, and a lot more. These changes were made to take advantage of a new API-driven infrastructure and to address feedback from you.

    Updates to bring in more features will be ongoing. If you find something you love is missing, make a note here and we’ll keep track of the requests so that data can be used as one part of future decision-making. We also look at other factors such as usage stats when making decisions.

    Please see http://browsehappy.com/ for recommended browser versions. If you are using Internet Explorer, you should make sure you have updated to version 11.

    If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or kudos for the latest Editor changes, please post them here. Happiness Engineers are standing by to help!

    [UPDATE: word count was addd on Nov 20.]

  • Hey, this new editor looks great! Very appealing. I’ve been clinging hard to the old editor as it just flows better for me than the previous “new” editor but this update appears to address a couple of the things that kept me from using it.

    A couple items of feedback however:

    1. I wish the Visual/HTML tabs didn’t disappear upon scrolling down. I tweak images all the time in HTML view and scrolling to the top to be able to reach that tab is a pain.

    2. When I want to link to another post I’ve written, the link editor doesn’t let me search/scroll through my posts. I have to know the URL and enter it (or paste it in). Can the old search/scroll functionality be restored?

    3. Could the editing space be wider, like the old editor? Or maybe size itself dynamically with the width of the browser window?

  • Thank you for the feedback!

    On the width of the editor, the current width is more optimized for readability than making the width variable, which wouldn’t be similar to most themes which also have a fixed content width in most cases. The other two issues have come up before and I will add your comments in with that feedback. Glad to hear these suggestions and that you like the new editor!

  • Where is the toolbar in the HTML editor? I mean the buttons for inserting links, lists, code and so on.

  • @emakarov2013, the HTML toolbar was not included with this update. I will count your comment as a vote for adding them back. If it helps, during testing several people pointed out that they thought they would miss the HTML editing buttons a lot but ended up not really missing them after they started using the Visual editor a lot more after the latest updates (me included!). If you can write most of the post out and only then switch to HTML for adding extras as needed, that could be a good way to approach it in the short term. Give it a try that way and let me know how it’s going after a few posts.

  • I will give it a try, but I will miss the button in particular. Also, the font color in the Visual editor is too light for me. My vision is not great, and I have to strain my eyes to see it.

  • Is it possible to make it so that the toolbar stays with the page as one scrolls down writing articles so that links and so on can be added without needing to scroll to the top?

  • How can I upload images from my phone into my blog,?

  • I mean, what App is this that it needs to upload photos?

  • @thebookblogger2014 that should be how it’s working now. I will double check it. Can you tell me what browser version you are using please?

  • I have a few problems with the current editor:

    1) I used to have the word count at the bottom of the editor but I can’t find it anymore.
    2) The previous width felt far more comfortable when writing, while the current one is better for reading, I’d prefer if i could write in a broader width.
    3) The spacing between the bottom of the editor and the bottom of the page feels too small.

  • How can I upload images from my phone into my blog,?

    @mypersonalstylekenya, if you are using a browser, you can currently only upload images while you are editing a post or page. You could use a draft for this. Go to https://wordpress.com/post and tap the Add Media icon in the edit toolbar and that should let you upload images.

    WordPress also has downloadable mobile apps which you can find out more about at https://en.support.wordpress.com/apps/ if you are interested in using an app instead of going to https://wordpress.com/ directly in a browser.

  • On Google Chrome version 46.0.2490.86 m, so far as I can see it’s still not scrolling.

  • @niankaraz, thank you for the feedback.

    The word count hasn’t been included yet. I will add your feedback about this to our suggestion list.

    We aren’t planning to change the width, but I will make a note about this as something to re-visit in the future.

    I think the end goal for that spacing is that the white edit area should extend all the way to the bottom. This may get adjusted though, and it may not be working the same in all browsers, however, it shouldn’t block editing in any way.

  • @thebookblogger2014, can you please try clearing browser cache as a basic troubleshooting step and let me know if that helps?

    If it doesn’t, do you have any browser extensions installed which could be interfering? Is there any chance you can try a different browser as a test?

  • I had a go on Edge and it worked fine there (though the left sidebar didn’t come down), but after clearing cache still nothing on Chrome I’m afraid.

  • When I tap the Upload Media icon it says that “no App can perform this action”….so is there an App I’m supposed to be using?

  • when adding a link, you used to be able to search for your posts right there on the link editor popup. Now You can’t do that anymore. Why did you take that away? It was so convenient. Now I have to search my site manually to find the post I want to link to. Can you bring that functionality back? It was a real time saver.

  • Also forgot to mention that the comments are not showing up right on the mobile phone. Newer comments don’t appear at all even though I get notices of them on my phone. When I click the notice, I get message saying it can’t open the comment. What’s up with that?

  • @thebookblogger2014, it sounds like something may be funny with your Chrome extensions. This thread is going to be high volume, so if you would like to continue troubleshooting, can you please start a separate help request and I will find it and help you there?

    @mypersonalstylekenya, same for your case. Can you please start a separate help request at https://en.forums.wordpress.com/?new=1 and include information about exactly which app you are using and your device and OS version?

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