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    I would like to add a header below the logo and main menu and above the carousel.

    I am also interested in removing the darkening transition between the carousel slides.

    The blog I need help with is gaingtx.wordpress.com.


    Hi @ckliment, it appears you have changed to the Creative theme. Are you still wanting to do this?



    I have changed themes but am still interested in adding this to either theme.


    Do you have an image uploaded to your media library that you are wanting to use? If so, can you post a URL of that image and I’d be happy to see what I can do to make that happen.



    I am looking to add a band where I can place buttons as well as text, nit just a single larger image.


    Adding linked buttons is a challenge and not something that can be done with CSS. There is an old trick we use sometimes where the stuff is added to a text widget in one of the widget areas and then we use position: absolute to move it up and into position, but that is really tricky and problematic on responsive designed themes such as Creative.

    I took a quick look at the structure of the HTML and CSS in Creative, and this is one of those themes that would be very problematic.

    There are some themes that have a secondary menu at the top, one right up at the top and then one lower down below the title and tagline. On one of those, we could use the lower menu and then style the menu items to look like buttons. I wish the name of one or two came to mind, but I’m drawing a blank at the moment.



    I understand. Luckily, the client seems satisfied with having the features that we wanted in the header in the sidebar now, so the issue seems to be less important now. Many thanks for your attention.


    You are welcome.

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