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    For my header image, despite aligning the rectangle to exactly where I want it on the photo, it keeps “zooming in” on the image and all of the words aren’t visible. I’ve tried cropping, not cropping, etc., and I can’t get the portion of the photo the size/crop it’s supposed to be. I align the suggested-size rectangle after upload exactly how I want it, but once it’s actually ON the website, for some reason it zooms in and distorts the space.

    The blog I need help with is whatthehellisonmyface.wordpress.com.




    The Quick Specs section of the Dyad 2 theme guide says (dimensions in pixels): “The recommended Custom Header Image size is at least 1800 by 720.”

    The header image on your site, https://whatthehellisonmyface.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/cropped-header52.jpg, has dimensions of exactly 1800 x 720 pixels. If you’ve cropped the original file image to a size smaller than that, in either height, width, or both, then essentially the image will have been stretched to fit the required dimensions.

    I’d suggest that you do any desired cropping of the width before uploading the chosen file image at Customize > Header Image. The image that you upload to the Header Image tool should be at least 1800 pixels in width. Don’t crop the width, and expect the entire width to be visible after cropping (the height). Images larger than 1800 pixels will be correspondingly scaled.

    The height of the cropped portion of the original image may be anything between 0 and 720 pixels, but cropping to a height below 720 will cause vertical stretching of the displayed header image. For example, if you crop the image to 360 pixels, or half the height of the displayed image, then the displayed image will be distorted by being stretched vertically to twice its original height.

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