Dyad 2 Featured Content Slider Not Working

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    Hello – I am trying to use the Featured Content Slider on the home page, I have visited the theme’s specific instructions and implemented all of them and it is still not working for some reason. I have the home page set to display the latest posts, I have the featured images added and sized correctly and each post is tagged with “featured.” Yet the slider will not appear, is there something else I am missing?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is thepampermeorganization.wordpress.com.




    It will be difficult for volunteers such as myself to analyze your issue while the site is set on private, so I’ve called for staff attention. If you would like to make the site public temporarily let me know. Otherwise, please wait for a response from staff.



    Hi there, I’ve found the same problem, and you can visit: enjoyingsmallthings.wordpress.com.





    You don’t have any published posts on your site, that is why the slider isn’t working. All the posts on your site are either unpublished drafts, or private. Private posts are only visible to site admins, so they don’t count as published, and cannot be used with the slider.

    Change those posts to published, and the ones you’ve tagged will appear in the slider. As your entire site is already private, there is no reason to set your posts and pages themselves to private as well.


    https://enjoyingsmallthings.wordpress.com/ was deleted four years ago, was using the Twenty Twelve theme at the time, and didn’t belong to your account.

    If you need help with one of the sites in your account, please open your own support request at https://wordpress.com/help/contact



    I’m so sorry, @kokkieh, the real url is https://enjoyingsmallthing.wordpress.com/ without final s… enjoyingsmallthing

    Could you access now?




    Hi @rangulo74,

    For the slider to work you need to follow the instructions on the theme’s setup page:


    In short, you need to add a tag named featured in each post you want to include in the slider and then add that tag name (featured) in WordPress.com > My Sites > Design > Customize > Featured Content.



    Thanks! It works, but, could I use another term? In order to show de term in spanish: “Destacados”, that means “Featured”

    so, add a tag named “Destacados” in each post you want to include in the slider and then add that tag name (“Destacados”) in WordPress.com > My Sites > Design > Customize > Featured Content.



    You can use any term you like, just make sure that you set it in the Customizer. :)



    Thanks, but I’m trying to use the word “Destacados” instead of “Featured” and It doesn’t work. I set it in customizer and over each post I want to show in the slider. Mainly, I’d like to avoid to show the term “Featured” in a spanish site web…

    Thanks again!




    When you change the featured content tag at Customize > Featured Content, then you’ve got to change the featured content tag on each featured content post as well. You presently have eight published posts with the “featured” tag, and none with the “Destacados” tag.

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