Duplicating blog using Mystique theme retired this week

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    Hi again,

    Never had so much trouble on wordpress starting a new blog :(

    Last week I started a new blog with the Mystique theme. And now it is gone when i want to rename the blog (by exporting/importing)

    Please can I have the Mystique theme back for on the new url: divaeloper.wordpress.com.
    A designer is making a header/background for this theme for me and now it is gone :(
    Please help!!

    Thanks in advance,
    Lydia, divaeloper



    I forgot to put in the blog-address:

    original: http://divaelopper.wordpress.com (started last week with mystique theme)
    new: http://divaeloper.wordpress.com (cant access the same theme any more)

    If possible keep this theme alive, although it is old. It is one of a kind. Much different from other and much features.




    In the process I even removed Mystique from the first blog: http://divaelopper.wordpress.com

    NO ….. :-(
    Almost crying and giving up.

    Please help!



    Hi @divaeloper, the better process in this case would have been to rename the site using these steps:


    That would have given you the new username and keep the same theme options without any importing and exporting. Let me see what I can do about the theme. But in the meantime, if there was a particular feature you love about Mystique, we may be able to recommend a new theme.



    Thank you so much for helping!

    Changing the blog address was no option anymore since i registered a user with that name. Because i was mixed up in names (see my other posts)

    And in all the chaos i deleted the theme on the original site also :(

    – i love the design, did not find one that looks alike
    – a bit 3d effect in the header-bars
    – the social buttons
    – having 2 or 3 columns

    I hope you put this design just back.

    Thanks so far, Lydia, divaeloper



    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve passed this along to our theme team & will follow up with you via email. Cheers!



    @divaeloper Me too! I started my old blog (piscador.wordpress.com) years ago using Mystique, repurposed it a few months ago with the same theme. I started a new one last month (quynhontrails.wordpress.com) still using Mystique. However, when I decided to register my own URL and port quynhontrails across, Mystique was gone. Retired. I’ve tried out a bunch of other themes but none of them have nearly the same look and feel.

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