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    I just made my first website. I use the Tropicana theme, and everything was fine at first.
    But now, the dropdown menus’ arrows show as empty squares, and on phone it doesn’t show anything at all, but if you click where the arrows would have been, you get the Dropdowns… It does the same on Chrome (I use Safari normally).

    The only plugins I’ve installed are WooCommerce, Markup by Attribute for WooCommerce, and Variations Swatches for WooCommerce.
    I think the problem occurred before installing the latter two, but I’m not 100% sure.

    I hope you can help me in a beginner-friendly language :)

    Site: https://requinerope.dk.
    WP.com: Unknown
    Jetpack: Yes
    Correct account: Yes



    Hi there,

    I don’t think that those plugins affected the look of your site, but it’s best to post in the WordPress.org support forums. The community there will help you troubleshoot this issue.


    Please note that the forum you have posted is for the WordPress.com hosting platform which is different than the WordPress software that your site is using. You can learn more about these differences here:


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