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    My plan is coming up for renewal within the next month, but I’d like to go back to the Personal Plan rather than keep paying for the Premium Plan. I ended up not needing to use any features of the premium plan.

    Is it possible to downgrade plans? And if so, it wouldn’t make me lose any data, right?

    Thank you,
    Dreaming Panda

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, yes it is possible to downgrade but the best place to do that is via LiveChat or support email when you post at

    When you downgrade to Personal from Premium, you’ll lose the following:
    -If you’ve used a premium theme on your site, it will revert to one of the free sites unless you purchase the premium theme directly. If it is a particularly costly theme, it may be worthwhile sticking to the Premium plan which includes use of all premium themes. In your case, it looks like you are using Toujour on your above site, which is a free theme so this would not affect you.
    -Any CSS you added to your site will be removed.
    -You won’t be able to upload video directly to your site’s Media Library.
    -Your available storage space will be reduced to 6GB. If you reached that storage limit, you won’t be able to upload anything else unless you upgrade to Premium.
    -You’ll not be able to add Simple Payments to your site.
    -I’m not sure what happens if you participated in the WordAds program, since only Premium and Business are automatically included, but I see that someone has flagged this for Staff attention and they’ll be able to answer that question and advise if there are other ramifications I’ve missed.

    Hope that helps to somewhat answer your question.


    Hi Dreaming Panda,

    Downgrading plans won’t remove any of the content you have added so far. As @justjennifer mentioned, downgrading the Premium plan will remove certain features but I’ve checked and you aren’t using custom CSS, videos, a premium theme or more than 6GB or storage space (included in the Personal plan). Therefore, I’ve downgraded you from Premium to Personal:

    Feel free to start a chat if there is anything else you need help with.

    @justjennifer — appreciate your help!

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