Dotted-Underlined links?

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    I’m looking to change the default style of my in-text links to the following:

    PRE-CLICK: a non-blue color (less important) marked with a dotted-underline (for a good example of how this looks, see

    POST-CLICK: the grey color of the remainder of the non-link text, still with the dotted-underline.

    I’m using Cutline. Any suggestions?

    Also, you can’t change the styling of links in text boxes (widgets), right?

    Thanks again,



    Try this:

    #content a:link, #content a:active, #content a:hover {
    border-bottom:#ff8000 1px dashed;
    #content a:visited {
    border-bottom:#808080 1px dashed;

    You can change the styling of the widgets. Just define the div within the CSS.



    That seems to have done everything perfectly, except removing the standard link underline.


    Ooooh…. and it’s also attaching the dashed line to post titles, which I wasn’t looking to do. Any thoughts?

    Here’s the link:



    You need text-decoration: none; to remove the standard link.

    If you only want to apply it to the body, use .entry-content instead of #content.

    .entry-content a:link, .entry-content a:active, .entry-content a:hover {
    border-bottom:#ff8000 1px dashed;
    text-decoration: none;
    .entry-content a:visited {
    border-bottom:#808080 1px dashed;
    text-decoration: none;

    // not tested


    Unfortunately, either I have placed the code you supplied in the wrong place, or it just doesn’t work.

    I do, however, GREATLY appreciate your help.




    Cutline uses .entry rather than .entry-content, so get rid of -content and you should be good.



    thanks Wank


    Thank you all.

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