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    Our organization has a donation page at and we would like to have the subdomain mask that donation page. I have added the subdomain as a mapping domain in our account. Do you offer a way to mask/cloak the domain when pointing it to the nationbuilder url? If not, how could we make it simply redirect to that nationbuilder url?

    We are currently on the premium plan and if this is an option in the business plan we can bump up.

    If none of these options are available, do you have a recommendation for us to visually integrate our donation page with the root domain in some way? The obvious limitation is that we need to be using nationbuilder for our donation processing, but we want to keep our website on

    many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Jules,

    We don’t have masking / cloaking in our DNS that would let you mask /donate , but you certainly can use our service to set a CNAME for nationbuilder.

    Do you need more help with that?


    Thanks so much. Yes, I’d love your assistance.

    I added the subdomain as a mapping domain, so when I now try to add a cname record for the subdomain from the root/primary domain settings (which seems to be the only way to do this for a subdomain) it says I can’t because another record with this name already exists.

    I’m not able to delete the separate mapped subdomain I created in the domains panel. Can you delete the domain (not the primary domain)? Then it seems like I should add the cname record to the subdomain in the primary domain settings.

    That’s a mouthful, thanks for your help and please advise if there is a better approach!



    The CNAME can be added by clicking on My Sites – Manage – Domains – Edit DNS – CNAME

    Do you see it there?


    Hi Liz,

    Yes when I add a cname to the donate subdomain I get the error “another record with this name already exists.” Can you delete the domain (not the primary domain)? Or let me know where I can do that? Then I will try again to add the cname to the primary domain dns settings.



    Hi there,

    I’ve removed the domain mapping upgrade you’d added for that subdomain.

    You should now be able to add a CNAME record to point that subdomain to your other site’s hosting provider.


    Thank you! When I add the CNAME record for it gives me a “Invalid Target Host Error”.

    Here is what I’m entering in the Alias Of field:

    Can you advise on how we can get the subdomain to navigate to or cloak “” ?


    Apologies, that above q should be:

    Can you advise on how we can get the subdomain to navigate to or cloak “” ?



    I’m working from these instructions — could you add just as the target in your cname? The /donate and https are not a proper part of a CNAME, so you’ll need to leave those out.


    Thank you for that tip and for finding the nationbuilder support doc! I am working from that as well and have added the CNAME now in wordpress and followed the steps in nationbuilder under the “Connect a domain managed elsewhere to a site”. Maybe that work and it needs to propagate.. but right now I see the error:

    Invalid URL
    The requested URL “[no URL]”, is invalid.

    Reference #9.7037b9d0.1578943989.2183c92b

    when visiting

    Let me know if you think there is anything else to try on the wordpress side of things. (i.e. is the cname record all that is needed or are there other records we could add)

    many thanks,



    I see that too, Jules. Can you look at the nationbuilder doc and make sure you’ve specified a URL there? That subdomain is properly pointed to their servers now, and the message we’re seeing is coming from them.

    I think it’s the “Use URL for Site” setting that may need to be corrected on that end.


    Brilliant, I got on the phone with them and they had to add it manually. Should be good to go once it propagates. Thank you so much for your help!



    Excellent, I’m glad they were able to get it!

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