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    Our website had its domain recently expire and is now in a redemption period.

    Initially, we hosted the site on and we had our domain registered with WordPress as well.

    We then at some point changed our hosting service to BlueHost, but WordPress still held our domain. This was until WordPress recently gave our domain registration to Wild West Domains, Inc.

    Because of several possible reasons, we never received notification that our domain expired. Our grace period has ended recently and now our domain is in redemption.

    We contacted BlueHost, who told us to contact Wild West, who told us to contact WordPress about getting the domain out of redemption. If possible, please let us know what our next steps could be.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there @cewdkbcc,

    Phew, sounds like you’ve been chasing this answer around for a while! Good news – I believe you’ve reached the right place to resolve it.

    I had a quick look at your domain, which is indeed in redemption. Wild West Domains are a reseller who work with hosting, so not to worry – WordPress hasn’t given away or sold your domain, it’s just another registrar that works alongside.

    Unfortunately once a domain enters the redemption stage, it involves a $80.00 redemption fee to the domain registrar as well as an additional renewal fee with

    The following link provides some further information on the redemption phase, and might help to answer any further questions you will have in the mean time:

    I have tagged this thread with the modlook tag, which means a member of staff with the correct access will be able to help you process the payment and arrange the renewal for you.



    Excellent. Thank you very much @annacmc


    Hi –

    Please confirm that you agree to the $80 redemption fee. As soon as I have your confirmation I will send a request to our domain partner. It typically takes 2-3 days for us to hear back from them.

    I will also send an email your way with a secure payment link to pay for the redemption + annual renewal.

    Let me know if you have any other questions about this process.



    Hello @lizkarkoski,

    Yes, I confirm that I agree to the $80 redemption fee.

    Thank you very much.


    Thank you for confirming :)

    I have sent you an email with that payment link and more details. I’ve already reached out to our domain partner about this request and I’ll post an update for you as soon as I have more information.



    Thank you, @lizkarkosi. The domain has been renewed and the website is working again.

    The email address for this account wasn’t working at the time you sent the payment link and detailed email; is it possible to resend this information to a different email address to have on record? The address is (email redacted).

    Also, where would I be able to find the invoice for the domain renewal and redemption fee? Would that be on Wild West’s website or somewhere on WordPress?



    @cewdkbcc We’ll CC that; can you also be sure the address here is correct?



    Hello @supernovia,

    Unfortunately, the email address assigned to our account has a faulty spam system and is no longer receiving emails outside of the domain. The best place to send the CC to for now is to the email address that was redacted in the previous post. Should I send that address privately or temporarily change our accounts primary address?



    @cewdkbcc we CCd that address the other day – did you receive the invoice link? Also, please update the address on file so that the email goes to an address that will work.



    @supernovia apparently we never received the first invoice link, but we’ve updated our WordPress account email address to a working address, which you may resend the invoice link to.

    Thank you!



    Sent to that one too, just now. Please let us know whether you’ve received that.



    @supernovia We received that link and have successfully paid for the domain renewal and redemption fees.

    Thank you all for your assistance with this. I will mark this topic as resolved.



    Thanks @cewdkbcc, I’ve added this back to your account.

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