Does Word Press belong to Google?

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    Does Word Press belong to Google?
    Google sent me a message that included their showing (when I clicked on ‘show’) some top-highly confidential matter (my password) which they could only have got from WP. Nobody else knows it — unless Google acted as hackers. It is frightening to think that my site is owned by those I so intensely hate (as do so many people). On the other hand we all know that Google do many illegal things and we can do nothing about it.

    The blog I need help with is



    No it doesn’t and never shares sensitive information.


    Hi –

    There’s no evidence that your account has been hacked. That email sounds like spam. You should change your and email passwords now though. Make sure you have 2 factor enabled on both as that gives you an extra layer of security.



    You are probably right about spam but not about hacked.
    I received an email from google about something else and at the same time it complained about four of my passwords, on pressing it showed me what they were, and asked me to change them, there. Of course I will NEVER change a password on an email, that is what suggests spam.
    Three of the passwords were connected with google, and I do not care about them as there is nothing secret there. But the fourth was WP and if anyone gets in they can wreck my sites. I have two questions:
    1. How did they get to know my password for WP? That is why I asked if you belonged to Google and am pleased to learn that you do not, also that you do not pass on info. This suggests that there is hacking, probably by Google themselves. They have no conscience, morals or respect for the law I know from experience. So I will not worry you.
    2. How can I change my WP password? Where do I go to change it?




    Thank you, I managed somehow to change the password, but the link you gave took me to a video where someone was speaking in strong American (country dialect) and muffled, not English, and I could not understand a word! I never can understand these video tutorials.
    The two step means that as I do not have a mobile I must send a text message every time, which is too much. I keep pressing the wrong button and having to re-log often, and to have to send an email every time is too much.
    Still I have a new password.
    We can call the matter closed.

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