Does the Rowling theme support custome header images?

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    I’m considering changing the theme of one of my blogs and Rowling looks like a good candidate for the new theme.

    However, I can find no clear information on the Rowling theme page regarding whether it supports custom header images or not.

    Can someone confirm for me if it does?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi there!

    You can always go ahead and ‘Try and Customize’ the theme you wish to use before actually activating the theme on your site.

    You can go on the above link, click on the three dots -> Try and Customize

    I did try this on site and didn’t find the option to add the header image.

    So, this theme doesn’t have the feature of Header image in the dashboard.

    You can know more about the Rowling theme here

    Hope this help.

    Happy new year :)

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