Do i need premium plan in order to see changes

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    Hello, I am about to start my first webpage and I want to choose the right theme for me. I try to make some changes in order to imagine, how it will look.. First thing is, if I do changes, save them and then go back to show my webpage, I do not see the changes I made there – this applies to change of colour, fonts, and even added pages (which I added to the main menu). What do I have to do in order to make this changes visible (i work with pages called: nextstopnature? I want to upgrade to premium or business plan later, but I do not want to do so, before I actually see, how the site will look like and what is possible and what is not.. Also, how can I change the colour or size of the font which is on the main menu, or in the head of the front page (what if i want to create my own pallete of colours or use coplemetely different fonts then available in the theme? Is there any library, where i can choose form and upload it to my pages? Thanks for help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, can you please confirm that the site you need help with is Thanks.

    When you use the Customizer to change the appearance of your theme, you can see those changes immediately in the Customizer, but they will not go “Live” on your site until you click the blue PUBLISH button at the top of the lefthand column.

    You can also make some changes like using custom colors using the suggested palettes, font type and size also within the Customizer. However without a paid upgrade to either Premium or Business which gives you the ability to directly change your theme’s appearance via CSS, you are limited to the colors and fonts you see in the Customizer.

    Here’s more on using the Customizer as well as Custom CSS

    Let us know if you have other questions after given those guides a read.



    Hello again, I see you also mentioned in your other thread. Is that the site you need help with?


    Hello. Yes. The site I want to help with is



    Hello again, thanks for that. Give the info in my first reply above a try and let us know how that goes.


    For example I added pages, lifestyle and act now.. but they do not display on the web..



    I see that the last site you mentioned is a private site so I’ve added a tag for Staff assistance as only they can see the site. Thanks for your patience.




    For example I added pages, lifestyle and act now.. but they do not display on the web..

    The site is private right now, so it will only show up for the people who have access to it (including staff.) Once you decide to make it public, please be sure to remember to use your proper address:

    If the problem is just that you’d like the pages to show up in your menu, here’s how to add them. You might also check the box that allows you to add all top level pages going forward.

    About libraries you can use to upload to your pages, you’re welcome to insert media using the Pexels library:

    This guide may help you, too:



    Oh I also wanted to note, yes you will need premium to see certain types of changes made in the customizer (like CSS), but not all.


    Thank you for your help. :)

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