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    I have two questions.

    1f a site is posted with several DMCA notices, does wordpress review and take down the entire site? There is a site that illegally copied my content and wordpress already posted many DMCA. But, still, there are many pages……. so, I am wondering

    1.if no counter DMCA is filed in 10 days, can the copyright owner notify wordpress to review the account and take down the site.

    2. even though DMCA is posted, it still shows on the google search..
    how to remove it.






    For the record copyright violations are Terms of Service Staff issues that are not dealt with here on the public peer support forums. That’s why Volunteers provide relevant links and then tag thread like these threads for closure.

    Best wishes.


    None of the linked page answersmy questions..

    that is why I asked here…



    re: Getting Support
    Getting Support

    There is no phone support. Those who have a paid upgrade for a wordpress.COM site can use the “Contact Support” form,

    The best WordPress.COM contact form to use now for Staff assistance is:

    Live chat will be available there only if we have Happiness Engineers available to chat. When they are not available using that link results in posting to this peer support forum.

    re: direct email support
    Also note, that you can email WordPress.COM Staff at:



    Hi there,

    If you file a DMCA takedown notice for content hosted on our servers, our Terms of Service team will review the request and take action as determined by the law. You can see how we treat this process on the documents @timethief linked to, but if you need further clarity on exactly how the DMCA works, I recommend you consult a lawyer specialising in copyright law. We cannot provide that kind of advice in the forums.

    2. even though DMCA is posted, it still shows on the google search..
    how to remove it.

    Filing a DMCA notice does not remove anything. We remove the content, IF the DMCA notice is valid, but we can only remove the content from our servers. We have no ability to remove content that’s cached on Google’s servers, and you’ll need to contact Google to have that content removed on their end.

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