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    I am requestiong that you add the following plug-in to the wordpess.com list of plug-ins:

    One that displays the sharing buttons to a post on the main or “Home” page. < img src=”http://cassandramfernandes.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=57″ alt=”share_buttons” / >

    As it is now, you have to actually click on the post and scroll to the very bottom of the post to even see the sharing buttons. This is not very intuitive for blogs like mine, where the whole post is displayed on the main page. I’ve had readers complain that they cannot like or facebook share my post, meaning that I’m loving out on people sharing my stuff to other social media outlets.

    Why you think it should be included on WordPress.com: people who start with a basic wordpress.com blog usually start from zero, and it’s really important for them to try to get a following quickly. And to spread the blog beyond the wordpress user community. Such a plugin would enable interested readers to share content much more readily than is possible right now, boosting views for the blogger, ultimately benefiting both blogger and wordpress.

    Such a button is also more likely to make basic blogger chose wordpress over a service like google’s Blogger, where the already blogger can, with relative ease, insert whatever plugins they want into their blog.

    I have found a plugin that is somewhat similar to what I suggest you add, it can be downloaded from:

    The blog I need help with is cassandramfernandes.wordpress.com.



    Well, there is no other way to add sharing buttons other than those default ones. You can’t get FTP access on WordPress.com blogs. So, unlike blogger you can’t add plugins here. Moreover, you can add the sharer link inside your blog post but that wouldn’t make any difference.

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