DISCUSSION: All site Gravatars to be of Birds

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    M.R. Emberson of A-wing and A-way, is someone whom I Follow and whose latest post has prompted an idea from me. Yes, it does happen, sometimes!

    In my comment, I suggested that I’d speak with Matt about the idea of making all Gravatars be a Bird of choice, that will express who we think we are as a person. To me, Gravatars already do that; so, I look at a gravatar and I see that person, their personality.

    Emberson’s post is about the symbolism of birds behind those seen in coats of arms, old and more recent. What those birds depict and why those families may have chosen that bird as its family symbol.

    Family on my mother’s side has a heraldic symbol, although it isn’t a bird. In my comment, I decided that I’d be our local blackbird, for varying reasons.

    I thought it would be a delicious idea, especially for the WordPress family of websites and blogs. As well as an opportunity to be creative in how those birds would be presented — whether a painting, an abstracted version, a pencil drawing and so on, or simply a lovely photograph. We could be very creative with it. The person with the Bird Gravatar could then explain a little about their choice in their Gravatar Profile. In their search for the bird, they may even get to know a little more about their family history, presuming a bird is their symbolic totem. We would get to know them a bit more.

    I think it could inspire a closer community via commenting and stirring up more interest in that person through their Gravatar.

    I’ve already seen quite a few birds as Gravatars during my travels to those blogs I Follow. What do you all think about this idea? (And, No, it’s not about limiting choice!)

    The blog I need help with is janina1.me.



    I too enjoyed the A-wing and A-way post you referred to. It would be nice to have a selection of bird Gravatars to choose from, but I don’t think everyone would want to be a bird. The WordPress community is a pretty diverse bunch of folks. There are cuddly puppies and kittens and even some reptiles amongst us. Being able to create our own Gravatar coat of arms with colors and images meaningful to each of us would be fun. I’ve got to go do a web search on that….



    pm2057: Diversity — exactly!! How many bird species are there, throughout the whole world? WordPressers cover the globe. If they’re anything like me, I like to change my gravatar image frequently, at least once a year, to suit the mood I’m in at the time.

    Tonight, I continued this conversation at Emberson’s post. He has made a great suggestion — create bird gravatar templates that are easy to use, giving you the option to have as many gravatars as you like! I support that idea too! Keep the ideas coming, people…

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