Disconnect from wordpress after deleting account

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    I hope this is the right place to post.

    Alright, so I had previously decided to use wordpress.com to host my site. I just bought a domain through GoDaddy, so transferring wasn’t an option yet. I paid for a ‘personal’ plan on WordPress.com, so that I could map my domain and use it that way.

    Now after realizing how limited my options were with the Personal plan, I cancelled my wordpress hosting, canceled the domain mapping, and deleted my account altogether.

    Now, I’ve been trying to install wordpress myself, using GoDaddy hosting and filezilla. I’ve followed all the instructions and am now at the step where I need to go to http://mywebsite.com/wp-admin/install.php

    When I try to access that URL, it shows me an error website (powered by wordpress.com) that says I need to set up domain mapping in order to connect.

    I don’t want anything to do with wordpress.com and just want to install the open-source wordpress myself.

    Help, anyone?



    Hi there,

    What is the domain? The account you’re using to post here has never owned a domain mapping upgrade with us.

    This can be caused by one of two things:

    If the domain’s name servers are still pointed to WordPress.com, the domain will still try to connect to WordPress.com. You’ll need to log into your domain admin panel at GoDaddy and point those to GoDaddy’s servers instead.

    Or, even after you’ve changed the name servers, your browser can still think the domain is pointed to us, that is, the browser checks its local cache for where the domain is pointed, instead of checking the actual DNS servers. Clearing your browser cache should fix that.

    But the moment you cancelled the domain mapping upgrade we immediately lost all control over your domain, so there’s nothing more you can or need to do on our end in this regard.

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