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    When I try to leave comments at other WordPress blogs they disappear. The problem is not with my blog. Commenters have no problem leaving comments and I have no problem replying. The problem when I myself try to leave comments at other blogs. My comments always vanish. No matter whose blog it is. It’s as if my profile is marked and no comments I make are allowed to be posted publicly. My comments are not spam and should not be labeled as such. I know there was once a problem and my blog was suspended. But I was allowed to republish my blog. People visit, follow and comment at my blog. But if I visit a WordPress and try to comment – my remarks evaporate as if I said nothing at all. I feel insulted, to be speak honestly.

    The blog I need help with is cmoneyspinner.wordpress.com.



    I have a problem with my blog https://bopaula.wordpress.com/
    I saw that one of my first posts on the blog has no comments though I remember clearly that members have commented before. How did the comments disappear? This is the post https://bopaula.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/timbuktu-by-paul-auster-another-book-review-2-2/



    @cmoneyspinner – although I can’t obviously tell the exact issue, it does sound like your comments are getting moderated, for reasons that I don’t know what they are. I have flagged for staff attention for you.

    @bopaula – your issue is with comments on your own blog, and sounds like a different issue. Please post you own separate thread, so that either volunteers or staff may deal with effectively. Also check your spam comments folder if you haven’t already.


    Don Charisma


    @cmoneyspinner – Could you provide some examples of sites where you’ve recently left comments so I can give this a bit of a test?

    @bopaula – I checked your comment section (including Trash and Spam), but I wasn’t able to find any particular comments on that post you mention:


    Perhaps the comments you’re referring to were actually on another post? If not, do you remember the context of some of the comments?


    @jeremeylduvall – Thanks for you attempt to help. I got so frustrated I decided to forget about it. So NO, I can’t give you any examples. If it happens again I’ll mark it and bring it to your attention. Thank you.


    Thanks @cmoneyspinner. I definitely understand the frustration. Please let us know if this pops up again!

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