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    Has anyone had a similar problem to mine?
    Sometimes, the comments I leave on others’ blogs don’t show up at all.
    I also always approve and reply to comments I receive from others on my blog but some of them don’t show up on my blog either.
    What is happening?

    The blog I need help with is burzatumblemind.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    Can you give me a link to a specific post on someone else’s site where the comments didn’t appear? It’s possible you might be getting flagged as spam, in which case you’ll need to contact Akismet support to look into it:


    On your own site, can you also give a link to a post where comments you approved are not appearing, and can you tell me which username left the comment?



    Hello and thank you for your reply! :)
    One of the blog posts on which my comments disappear is:


    I tried 5 or 6 times on different days and also asked the blogger to check SPAM: they did and my comments were not found.

    The other one is:


    On my blog this is the post under which not all of the Approved comments show up:


    The username of the person is:

    I will be waiting for your reply :)



    On your site, Matylda’s comments are in the Trash folder. Our logs show your account deleted them about four days ago:


    On the other two sites I can see several comments from you in the Spam folder for each of them. Perhaps the site owners checked the Spam folder of their email, rather than the Spam folder of their sites?

    Regardless, it looks like Akismet is catching your comments by mistake. The only way to fix that is to contact Akismet support directly via the link I gave above. Type any search term in the search box. On the form that will appear next, select the “I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake” option, complete your other details, and submit the form. Then someone from the Akismet team will be in touch to help you sort this out.



    Thank you for your advice.
    Yes, some comments I put to Trash as Matylda tried to add them few times so I removed duplicates but the ones I approved are not showing up and they are in the Approved folder.

    Thank you for the link- I am going to contact them.

    Take care!



    Okay, those comments from Matylda were all in a thread. You deleted the first comment in the thread, which caused the rest of the thread to also disappear.

    I restored the deleted comment from Trash, and re-approved the rest of the comments in the thread, and now they’re all showing on the post.

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