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    I am currently developing a WordPress custom directory site and am looking for a little direction on what might be the better theme/plugin to use for this. A couple of specifics about the site I will be using this on:
    1. It will only list locations in the 5 New England states so want to be able to restrict searches to these states.
    2. I will be the only one uploading listings so will not have a need for an end user listing entry process…but do want an easy upload process for myself.
    3. These will be free listings but I will selling advertising on the site to be displayed on various pages including search and results pages.
    Any suggestions would be helpful….and thanks in advance.



    Hi Jagg, most folks in these forums have a free WordPress site hosted here with us, and thus can’t install plugins without upgrading, so you might find more relevant information in the forums at .

    For what it’s worth though, it sounds like you’re looking for a directory plugin. I’d recommend checking these:

    And, I’d opt for a plugin rather than a theme, since that should give you more flexibility on the look/feel of the site. It’s up to you though. Hoping that helps!

    Will you be hosting the site here on our services?



    Thanks for your recommendation and direction. I most certainly will pop over to the site and ask there. Will also review the plugin list you included.
    Now sure on where I will be hosting just yet. Just trying to layout a site plan first.
    Thanks Again.

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