Details on PressRow replacement, Pilcrow

  • i just tried a preview and my pictures are squeezed together. Does somebody have any idea how to fix that in the new template?????

  • oops, me gain! since a website company changed some of my css, is there a chance to copy paste my old css and put it into the new one??

  • Keep Press Row active please.

  • There is ZERO reason to change things. Just hand over a new site system to anyone who wants it. I, too, have used a lot of time and effort to finesse the present site and to see it altered for NO REASON pisses me off.

    I am a paying customer so I wish WordPress would listen to my desires, not unilaterally impose some piece of whatever on me for frivolous reasons. I read of some of the beta complaints and fear for my own website now.

  • GAH. That’s the second time you guys are doing this to me! First I had cutline, the replacement made the figure look just ridiculous because it had to be redimensioned. When I found out, I spent quite a bit of time looking for a theme that would just work. Now I’m gonna have to adequate the stuff AGAIN ? What are you trying to do? I don’t have time to fiddle around with themes any more!

  • Why do you have to screw around with things when they were fine as they were?
    I am really mad about this and I am going to start looking for some other place to put my BLOG! I was happy with PressRow just the way it was, I don’t understand this unessesary meddling! I am really pissed off! LEAVE THINGS ALONE!

  • Hi there,

    First off, I absolutely love WordPress. I highly recommend the site to everyone I know and I think it’s an amazing service. The community is so strong and I really respect everyone on here. Anytime there’s an update or upgrade or announcement I’m usually the first to say “Yes! They read my mind!” and add my big thumbs-up to the chorus of thumbs around me.

    For this change though, I’m massively disappointed. I’ve used Pressrow for two and a half years on my blog and it’s become like a second home for me. It’s part of the site, part of the good, part of the bad, and just… part of it. It’s been a bit of consistency in my life and something comfortable to come home to.

    I understand that perhaps there’s no option or choice and I totally sympathize with those needing to think this through and decide. Can I just ask that there be something or anything done to help preserve the look and feel of the site in a more consistent way, so that readers see it as the same experience?

    I’d love to chat about this further. It sounds like from the comments it’s really important to me and many other people. Thank you sincerely for listening and I really, really hope there’s some way to keep this theme running.

    Thank you,
    (email visible only to moderators and staff)

  • Alright. Read the explanation. I hope you fired the guy, since I apparently had the bad luck (or maybe I actually like his stuff) to choose two layouts by the same person for different things and going through the same story again. Sadly I was not notified about cutline X coraline, and got pretty p* when you announced you would do the same to pressrow. It would probably have saved us the stress if the explanation came up in front.

  • Can you rewrite that all in english with words and not just letters like H2, what is that?

  • I also had a problem where my custom header image was not transferred over properly. When I tried to upload a new photo and crop it, it did not display correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

  • aww i wanna keep the old one…
    im kind of sad too :/

  • Thank you, themeshaper.

  • @emsnews @aestrik If you run into any Custom CSS issues making the switch contact us in support and we’ll help smooth over any bumps.

    @taureandreams We’re sorry to hear that you’re thinking of leaving. If you try out Pilcrow you might find that it looks very similar to PressRow and offers up much the same experience—with some really near extras.

    @nkspas We’ve spent some time to make sure that there’s a continuity between the two themes. The column widths, typography, decorative elements, and basic color scheme are largely the same. It should, for the most part, appear to be the same to most visitors. And where it isn’t, please let us know about it! If any display bug or problem crops up when switching over to Pilcrow—or any theme!—contact us in support and we’ll take a look at it right away.

    @ekonefe There’s no need to worry about the HTML (that’s the H2, etc.) and CSS if you’re not using the Custom CSS upgrade. You should be all good—but let us know if you run into any issues.

    @karcuri13 We’ve updated your site with the your original custom header. I hope that helps!

  • But you aren’t answering the question people keep asking, which is why you are doing this?

  • Can fix it so that my photos don’t get cut off? In PressRow they’re perfect and in the new theme the borders are cut off. I really don’t want to go go back and manually resize everything.

  • I suggest you don’t replace a perfectly satisfactory working theme with some alternative; post it as an alternative.
    It seems clear that I am not the only person who finds the replacement unnecessary and stupid.
    You should be considering the persons who use and proclaim the value of WordPress to all their friends; we may not want the theme replaced.
    Did that occur to you or are you blind to the world outside your own inflated egos?

  • People keep asking the same question and NOT GETTING AN ANSWER!

  • @onthepublicrecord @taureandreams I’ve updated the first post in this topic with an explanation for the switch. I hope that helps clear things up!

  • @serendipitydiary If you contact us in support we can help you work through any Custom CSS bumps you run into.

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