Details on PressRow replacement, Pilcrow

  • In 2 weeks the PressRow theme will be retired and all users will be upgraded to a brand new theme called Pilcrow—but you can try it right now! If you want to use the cool new features in Pilcrow right away just visit your Appearance page and check it out—or any one of the other fantastic themes we’ve been adding lately.

    There are two main reasons for the upgrade. Firstly, PressRow’s original creator has a history of building on WordPress while limiting the freedom of his users and violating the core WordPress license. Continuing to use a theme tied to the same author is bad for everyone.

    But that’s not the only reason to upgrade PressRow to a new theme. PressRow was sorely out of date and in need of a major refresh to bring it in line with the core WordPress experience. The new Pilcrow theme has a ton of options that let you customize and personalize your theme—custom menus, backgrounds, layouts, header images—while retaining a very similar feel to the older PressRow theme.

    If you’re using custom CSS with PressRow we’ve made a short list of some of the differences between the two themes that might affect your styles.

    • #content_box is now #content-box.
    • The h4 tag that held the entry date is now simply a div with the class of entry-meta.
    • Post titles are still wrapped in h2 tags on the home page, archive, and search pages, but are now wrapped in h1 tags on single posts and single pages. Wherever they appear, titles will have a class of entry-title. If you were targeting .post h2,.page h2,.attachment h2 in your custom css you can now simplify that to .entry-title.
    • The post_meta class has been renamed to entry-links.
    • num_comments has been renamed to comment-number.
    • The h2 tag classed as archive_head on archive and search pages is now an h1 tag classed as archive-head.
    • The comment_head class has changed to comment-head.
    • The comment_list class has changed to comment-list.
    • The comment_form id value is now respond.
    • The text_input class should change to a simple input[type="text"] selector.
    • The search_form id is now searchform.
    • The comment_meta class has changed to comment-meta.
    • The sidebar_section class has changed to widget-area.

    If you’re looking for the original header PressRow header image (custom header images will be transferred over automatically) it can be downloaded here.

    If you run into any problems making the transition let us know by contacting us in support. We’re happy to help out.

  • Man that is one sexy theme.

  • does this mean that my layout will change automatically? Even though I don’t want to change anything??? I hope not!

  • What happened to the smiley face that was on the last theme? Reason why it’s not in this one? I liked it…

  • Hi, chouchouslittleworld. The theme will be switched automatically—but not for another 2 weeks. If you run into any trouble moving your custom styles over in the meantime contact us in support and we’ll be happy to help you out.

  • Hi, iduality. The little smiley was running into some trouble with the footer. We’ll see if we can find a way to bring him back. :)

  • the fact is that a website company helped me out to make all the changes, because I couldn’t do it on my own. So if it will change automatically, I have to ask them to do it again.

  • Huzzah! He’s in the top right of my blog, and such a staple hate to see him go. ;)

  • Pilcrow seems to stretch out all of my Youtube videos and only half of the video can be viewed in the layout. How can I fix this?

  • I second the youtube problem- the embedded video extends too far to the right, and it’s getting cut off by the main content area.


    (other than that, it looks great; no major visual changes to be afraid of!)

    Also, thank you wordpress for emailing us to warn of the impending change! Much appreciated!

  • I’m pretty sad about this change

  • I really don’t see a need to get rid of pressrow if people still want to use it. Can’t you just add this one with deleted the other one? Do we get rid of everything when something new comes along? If that was how the world worked, we could all go kill an old person every time a baby is born.

    THAT is just as ridiculous!

  • how do we fix the you tube problem themeshaper?

  • Same question as the rest — how do the videos get fixed. Everything else looks fine. I just did a test run, but will wait to switch over until I either have no choice or the youtube issue is fixed. I don’t have a lot of videos, but it’s important to me that people can see the ones I do have.

    Otherwise, it seems to look okay.


  • i have a question: do i first have to change the theme in order to make changes, or can I make the changes before i change to the new theme. my goal is that i want to make this changes as smooth as possible, without letting my readers see the changes. Is that possible??

  • I checked out the preview function, and I really couldn’t see a lot of difference. One quick question … it looks like the new theme has three columns, and my current PressRow theme has only two.

    Again, in “preview” mode it looked great … I still had only two columns. Can you confirm that this will still be the case once I migrate?

    Many thanks for an amazing product. You guys provide so much! I sincerely wish you all the best.

  • Please explain why you are changing the format. People have been happy with it; why retire?

  • I´m running into a similar problems the the folks who are asking about the videos–the new Pilcrow theme is cutting off the right side of some of my pics (specifically, those oriented horizontally). These pictures used to fit fine under the old Pressrow theme. Any way this can be fixed before the mandatory changeover?

    Appreciate your feedback on this. Otherwise, the preview seems fine.

  • Will the information on the blog be altered in any way?

  • We’re looking into the YouTube video display issue, thanks for the report. We’ll update here shortly.

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