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    How can a tag be deleted? It’s a very old tag about the company that doesn’t exist anymore and there’s a new one with the same name. Haven’t got an account and have no idea who tagged it. Thanks


    Hi there!

    Can you please tell us more details? What’s the tag in question and where have you seen it?

    You can manage tags directly from the site’s settings:



    The tag is westcountryinsulation and it comes up with an article called word of warning which is about a company that is closed down few years ago and has the same name as my new company which is very bad for business as when our customers look us up online they find this other company’s tag.
    I don’t think we can manage tags directly from the site’s settings as it’s been tagged by somebody else.
    Thanks for your help



    I don’t see any sites on your account.

    What is the URL of the site you’re referring to?



    It’s on someone else’s blog I don’t have any sites on my account. As mentioned before it’s about some company that has been closed down and we have the same business name.



    It’s on someone else’s blog

    Thanks for letting us know. We do not delete any content on our user’s blogs so, if you’d like anything on that site removed, your best bet is to reach out to the site owner – for example by commenting on one of the posts.

    Alternatively, if you feel that this site is abusive in any way, you can report it as explained here:

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