Deleted media image, still cannot upload new file with same file name

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    I deleted an image from my media library. But the deleted image still shows up in Google searches and I cannot upload a new file with the same file name. It’s as if the deleted file is still in there somewhere even though I can’t see it or find it. How can I fix this???

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, Google’s cache of your image file won’t change until it crawls your site again and that can take up to 4-6 weeks. If you need to have it removed from search engine caches before that, you’ll need to contact each search engine to request it. WordPressdotcom has no control over this.

    Concerning the image file on your site which you say is still there and not letting you upload another file with the same name, how long ago did you delete the file? Please give us the link of the original file. Thanks.


    I deleted it yesterday. The file is not showing in my media library, but if I try to upload another file with the same file name, it renames it by putting a number at the end of it as if the original file is still in there.



    Hello again, can you please provide the link of the original file so we can have a look? Thanks.


    I’m not wanting to upload another file, I simply want to make sure that this one is completely deleted.



    OK-thanks for providing that information. For me that file is a 404-not found.

    If a number is being appended to the new file you are uploading, then we’ll wait for Staff to reply in this thread. Normally the background trash for media is emptied every few days. Staff may be able to purge it sooner, but no promises.

    However, just so you are aware, all links to media files contain the month they were originally uploaded to your site, so a file uploaded in January 2018 will read

    Let’s now wait for Staff to reply. Thanks.



    Hi there,

    That file is definitely no longer on our servers, but as @justjennifer mentions, it might still remain cached with search engines for several weeks.

    We do keep a record of the file name, though, but as Jennifer also mentions, the link will contain the date as well, so the date and the file name needs to be the same before we start numbering.

    I checked our logs for your site, and it seems five copies of the file gayness.jpg have been uploaded in the past few days. The first one was not numbered. All subsequent ones are numbered, as it’s the same file name in the same month. The fact that the first one has been deleted doesn’t change this.

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