Deleted blog name stolen and still active?

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    Hi, I’ve just discovered that my old free WordPress blog which I have deleted a few years ago – is being used by someone else! The name is still mine, but the blog is in a foreign language and only has a few entries. I moved from a free WordPress to a self hosted WordPress, so not sure why the old blog is #1. still visible and searchable, and #2 being used by another entity… is there any way for this to be deleted or reclaimed? why would someone else have access to my blog name after I delete it?

    thanks for any help.



    Hi comfortdollproject

    Can you please mention the blog name?



    What is the URL of your site?



    You deleted your site a few years ago.
    The site you mention is There is no way you can forbid people to use comfortdollproject in their domain name.



    actually i did have comfortdollproject06 – i still have old emails with the login link and the old password saved on my gmail… but the login dashboard was under a different email address: nightmaircreative at gmail dot com.

    i just signed in with that email and don’t see it listed of course, but that’s where it was until i deleted it. so not sure what’s up.

    #3661190 is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this site.

    Are you sure that wasn’t the correct address that you owned and deleted?
    The 06 site belongs to the account/username robbymahdi1. Is that you or someone completely different who just happened to create a site with a similar address to the one you had previously?


    I owned both comfortdollproject and comfortdollproject06 on free WordPress. I changed it to ‘O6’ after I realized there was another lady using ‘comfort doll’ as her website name. My charity was established in 2006 hence adding that number. Once I became self hosted on WordPress and migrated my site over, I deleted the free ‘06’ WordPress only now to find someone else using what seems to be my old blog – I only discovered this because I’m updating some of my old blog entries and some of the internal links still point to the old site. It’s not like someone used the same obscure name- my old links pint to this blog. I used to own this blog.


    Deleted site addresses ending in the subdomain aren’t recycled for others to use in the future so this thread is tagged to ask a member of staff if they could check your account and the two similar addresses.





    Are you the same person as the original poster to this thread as staff will need to know precisely which account has the issue. Can you confirm which account?


    Yes. For some reason my phone is showing me as my fan club account and my laptop is showing me as myself. It’s both me though.




    There was a period of time (2015-2018) when we allowed the recycling of URLs that had been deleted and met the following criteria:

    – Was deleted 2+ years ago
    – URL does not match a username
    – Site users have not logged in for 2 years
    – No support history

    Looking at the current history of, this site was registered in 2017 since that URL met that recycling criteria.

    Since the URL was registered in accordance to our policies then and since you had deleted the site originally, there’s not much else we can do here.

    I hope that clarifies things.


    Thank you for the succinct explanation. It’s much appreciated even though there is no recourse. Thank you.

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