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    Hello. I had a previous WP site with a URL I purchased from google redirecting to my WP site. I had a site developer assist me in setting up the site. I requested several months ago for the developer to make some changes to some of the content on several of the pages and the changes never happened. I recently created a google page and decided to redirect my url to that site instead for now as it has the content I need until I can get my WP site fixed. After this, I attempted to log into WP to see if I could complete the necessary changes myself, and my WP login is gone-the site is gone, everything is gone. Could the developer I previously employed deleted everything or is this from something I did when I redirected the url? I seriously need help with this.



    Hi there,

    What is the URL of the site in question?

    The account you’re using to post here is less than a day old, and has never owned any sites with us.

    Also note that if your site was built using the open source WordPress software at another hosting provider, we cannot help with this. We can only help with sites hosted with us on, and have no control over or access to WordPress sites hosted elsewhere.

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