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    i just want to delet my old blog. but i can find where the email i used to…
    the only proof that i have is, that the phone number writen on the post is mine… and still active right now.

    so if there is wordpress team, please help me to delete my old blog, if you wanna proof, you can text me on the number written on the post of this blog.

    the blog is



    Hi there!

    Only Staff members has the tools to sort this out. I’ve put the tag modlook so that a staff member can check it out.




    ooo … thanx a lot @joshron


    Hi rifqinarmadi,

    In order for us to help you gain access to the site, you will one of two things:

    1. Access to the account email address (I can’t share which address this is for security reasons).
    2. One of the pieces of information we can accept as proof of ownership.

    I just wanted to check that you have seen those options.



    hi gemmacevans, i’m affraid i can give you even one from what you request me to ..

    1. i don’t have the email that i used to create the blog, it has been so long, and i’ve forgot about it

    2. i can give you the proof of ownership from three of the mention in the page

    the only proof that i can give to you now is that the phone number written on the blog post is mine, and it still active now.

    so in case you ask me to proof it, i can proof it. i case you send me a code to that phone number, i can mention it to you right away.

    hope this can resolve ….


    Hi rifqinarmadi,

    Thanks for confirming. I’ve sent an email to the address on your rifqinarmadi account and will follow up with you there.

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