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    A few weeks ago I added some code that hides the tags at the top of my older posts (I’m gradually converting them to categories). Since then I’ve noticed that the post dates are displaying before anything else on the blog. The tags were on the same line as the dates, so I think the new code is causing this. Is there a way to keep those dates from flashing and still keep the tags from showing?

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m seeing categories, then the post title and then the date below the post title. Can you point me to a location where this is happening and I’ll be more than happy to take a look at it for you. I can’t find any posts on your site with tags only.



    You’re seeing what you’re supposed to see. I see the same thing, once everything has loaded. But I always see the date for a second on a completely white screen before the rest of the page shows. Like FOUT.

    It happens when I load most any page on the blog. The dates appear/load before anything else. On the home page, of course, lots of dates appear. It’s as though they load faster than anything else. I’m using a Mac with Chrome and Firefox. Maybe the problem is my computer or browser instead of the code?

    There are no posts with tags only. The posts in the last year or two have categories only and on older posts, the tags are now hidden. One example of an older post with tags now hidden is

    Our previous discussion about hiding tags, along with the code I inserted, is here:


    Hmmm, it took me a while to reproduce this. I had to clear my browser cache and restart the browser to see it.

    Since it is not happening on the demo site, I suspect it has to do with that CSS getting loaded too soon or something.

    You have .post_meta as well as two .entry-date sections in your CSS. I would suggest combining those and putting those two and the .entry-date .dot rules at the very bottom of your CSS to see if that makes a difference. I don’t know that it will, but it would be worth a try and also tidy things up a little.



    Sorry I’ve been so slow getting back to this. I just realized today that the code I was using had removed the comment counts on all the posts on the home page. I’ve always assumed comments generate interest, so decided to remove the code and show the counts. Having tags show on old posts is a small price to pay. Thank you for your time and suggestions.



    And have a great new year!


    You are welcome and you have a great new year too.

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