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    I wish to design a website like check a trade where clients can register their interest and business in the field I am exploring. How would i start to do that on WordPress please?



    Hi @simonjfromukhotmailcouk, I have not used that site. But generally speaking, you would want to list each specific feature you need, and determine if WordPress has that feature built in.

    Where it does not have the features you need, you would look for plugins to add those features, or write your own plugin. You can find a plugin repository here: — plus there are premium plugins available at various reputable sites on the web.

    If needed, you can hire a developer to work with you. We recommend

    Also please note, if you have outside plugins you’d like to install on our managed hosting service, you will need our Business plan, because outside plugins and themes add complexity to our support and maintenance.

    This service includes SSL, direct WordPress support, maintenance, security, and many other features that tend to cost extra with other providers.

    Or, you are welcome to use your own free copy of WordPress with another host, and use community resources or hired contractors as needed.

    Hoping all of that helps!

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