Database in WordPress, what template?

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    Hi there!

    I’m a total newbie when it comes to making websites. I started out today and I see there’s a lot to learn!

    I know how I want it to look and so forth, but I’m having a hard time finding the right template.
    The website is supposed to be very simple but sleek.

    I want a mainpage which just consists of info about the page, which will be static. Then I want another page for info/contact.
    Then I want a page where I want a load of links to other pages on my website, but I don’t want those linked pages to show up anywhere on the website.

    You could say it’s kinda like a database for every gym in the US, and I want to sort the gyms into each state/city.
    So I’m thinking like the third page will be called “Gyms” and then from there, you can click on a link (forexample Utah) and that brings you to another page where every single gym in Utah is listed, in order.

    But what I don’t want, is for that last page to be shown on my website next to “info”, “home” or “gyms”.

    Hope anyone can help with this :)




    Congratulations on getting started with WordPress! It might be a little overwhelming at first (like anything new) but you’ll be a pro in no time! Here are some suggestions for accomplishing the goals you outlined:

    1. To create extra pages with links, contact info, whatever you’d like, go to your dashboard and select the “Pages” option from the menu on the left. There, you can add pages galore!

    2. Creating pages that don’t show up on your navigation menu won’t be a problem! Just go under “Appearance” —> “Menus” from your dashboard and you can customize what pages you have show up on the different menus on your site.

    3. To find a template that you like, look through the options and just take a dive. See if you can do what you want with that template, if not then try another one. Focus on functionality first, create your pages and make sure that the template can do what you want it to do. Then you can work on getting everything looking pretty with the colors, font, etc. If you have Premium you can even customize the CSS which gives you a lot of power to make things look just the way you want. People on the forums are always willing to help!

    You may have already figured all this out, if so I apologize for the repetition. :)

    Hope this helps!




    Thanks a lot for the info @jasondayne!
    I did indeed figure most of this out, but nr.2 was very helpful :)
    Also found a template I managed to work with but I’m realizing now I might want to change some things up a bit.

    Got another question tho! Not sure if I should make a new post but I’ll put it in here first :)

    I’m wondering how I can get rid of the “wordpress” in my address. I want it to be and not!
    Do I have to buy premium for this feature or is there some other way?

    Also wondering if there is a database function in wordpress. Something like ebay, where you have a list of wares which you can sort after price, location and so forth.
    I want to sort the gyms in that way, but at the moment I’m having to manually type them in and put a permalink on’em. Not really what I had in mind…

    Hope you or anyone else has an answer to this. And again, thanks for the help :)



    Here’s what you need to know about changing your address to Domains:

    Regarding your sorting function, I can’t think of a neat solution on There are eCommerce options, but these might not be right, I’d be interested to read what other users come up with. (If you don’t get much of a response I would consider starting a new thread!).



    Oops sorry, I pasted twice, obviously the link with the info is next to the second sneaky link!




    Technically WP is a database but I don’t know of a template that would display the information in the style exactly as you are describing. One thought would be this:

    1. Find a template that has a format for the “Link” format (post-type) that you like. You can see the different post format options on the right side of the screen when you are writing a new post from the WP admin dashboard. (That is slightly different from the new post screen that you see if you just click the plus-mark-pencil icon in the top right from your dashboard.)

    2. Plan ahead to know what categories and tags you want to add to your links. Be sure to add these as you go because it will be a hassle to have to go back and add additional tags if you want them later.

    3. Then you can set up pages based on those tags. A page with all the gyms with “Florida” tag. A page with all the “special gym-type” category. etc.

    This may not be what you are looking for but it’s the closest thing that comes to my mind.




    Thanks for the help!
    I’ll look into the one you mentioned and hopefully find something that suits my needs.




    When I say database I kinda think of a site where I can type in info etc into bars, then post it as a “product”. A bit like you post stuff onto ebay. Just that I’m the only one who can post “products” and it’s only to be viewed by others. Since it’s not a ware, it’s just an informative “product”.

    That method you said seems to be something that might just work!
    Atm I’m putting all of the gyms in manually, by writing them down and tossing a link on’em.
    I kinda wanna finish this up, and ask some people to try it out, and see if it’s “good enough”.

    If it’s really crap, would it be easy for me to just transfer the stuff I’ve put on my pages now, onto another template? Or do I have to write it all over again.
    I suppose Ctrl+C works, but would that be a lot of hazzle aswell?

    For a gym I’ll write down the name, price, dicounts and experience. So basically just 4 lines with a hyperlink on the name.



    Sounds good! Unfortunately, it would be a bit tedious to do what I have described because every gym would be a separate post. You could copy and paste as you described, I don’t know of anything that would take a list like that and automatically create post after post for it. So for every one you’ll need to copy and paste the info and then add in the tags/categories you want for that particular link.




    Yeah.. that’s what I was thinking.
    I’ll give it a shot the way it is now, and we’ll see :)

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