Dashboard Notification Indicator Not Functioning Correctly

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    (1) Dashboard Notification – Fault Detected October

    The dashboard notification bubble remains on and has to be manually reset to display any new notifications – clicking on the icon the drop down displays the ongoing loading and no other information it also fails to reset on a fresh login –

    (2) Fault Elevation Attachment Page Post Like Button – Problem Detected October 31

    Post like button on attachment pages not showing –

    (3) Fault Elevation Problem Detected November 4

    The new post navigation button on my sites front page for site viewers to scroll past posts seems to be effecting my themes slide show feature ? It worked fine nice and smooth between images before the new navigation method – the old arrow navigation method seemed much better allowing site viewers to move backwards and forwards between posts –

    The blog I need help with is revoltastateofzen.wordpress.com.


    WordPress Admin Bar

    (4) Fault Elevation Issue Detected November 7

    The WordPress Dashboard admin bar is now displaying an incorrectly sized or positioned go premium button


    WordPress Admin Bar

    (4) Fault Elevation Issue Detected Nov 7
    Cleaned, Resolved.

    (1) Dashboard Notification Bubble Fault

    Fault issue still active http://revoltastateofzen.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/error-report-nov-11.png the notifications bubble continues to display on going loading and fails to reset – the following method has to be used to clear and reset – Admin bar drop down then Notifications then loop back to my blog and Dashboard –

    (2) Attachment page post like button

    From a support request made earlier this year when the attachment page like button was failing to load the widget id was “Jetpack – likes.css:3” however no like button showing this time !

    (3) The white block

    A white block on site load is being displayed within my themes front page sideshow – how we get rid of this then ?


    Hi there,

    Please see comments below:

    1. Have you been able to reproduce this is another browser? I’ve tried to recreate this on my end, but everything seems to be working fine as indicated by the screenshot here:


    2. Currently investigating this.

    3. I’m currently not seeing the white block on your homepage in the image rotation. Are you still seeing this show up after the page loads?




    Hello : )

    You gave me an idea for issue (1)
    WordPress seems to be using third-party cookies in this area I un – blocked them for viewing and it now displays, so that s a good tip for those using Firefox !

    (2) Attachment page like button always fails when a new rollout takes place. I don’t display post likes by choice but left attachment page like on –

    (3) The white block on page load seems to be visible in all browser tests within the themes Slide show feature, Chrome, Firefox ect ! Do you think it could be my eyes –

    Anyhow here is another interesting screen shot taken in Firefox it only happens when you load the second page with the past posts button and not so much when the settings on infinite scroll, its difficult to check this using other browsers because they tend to jump to the first post on page re-load and as there is only a two second time window to capture this it may or not be visible – however after a study of site load speeds with other browsers this might be visible also !


    There is also a little white box for a split second before this screen shot with some kind of user input feature ?

    Hope you find this of interest and thank you for getting back to me…


    Hello :)

    I missed the emphasis of your comment on the white block yes it only appears on page load but it does seem to slow site loading – I just checked the Modularity lite tags on here and viewed all the sites with a similar problem in different browsers and this does seem to be happening to some degree or another on page load with the Modularity lite theme ?



    1. Great! I’m glad we got this resolved.

    2. There was a problem with a recent push that inadvertently disabled WordPress Likes on attachment pages. Our team is working on implementing a patch as soon as possible. I will let you know when this is done.

    3. After reviewing a bit further, I do think this has to do with the Modularity Lite theme as the same thing is happening on the theme demo here:


    However, the loading time seems to be pretty quick. I don’t believe this is fixable from the theme side as everything ends up loading correctly; it just takes time. Can you try limiting the amount of posts that load on your home page in your Reading settings here?


    Currently, it is set to 20 posts, which forces the page to load a bit slower considering how many images are included.


    Yes that’s now reset to default that should increase page load speed thank you for looking into this –


    Not a problem. I’ll keep you updated on the WordPress Likes on attachment pages!


    @revoltastateofzen – The WordPress Likes on attachment pages should now be fixed. Can you check on your end and confirm?


    Thank you so much for getting back to me on this and a very big thank you to the team implementing the patch for this issue for WordPress user’s – issue resolved me thinks. Many thanks again to staff and all the forum helpers here.


    Not a problem! Glad we could get this resolved.

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