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    When I look at my dashboard, there are now two main sections/columns. The section on the left has Recent Comments, Your Stuff, Right Now, What’s Hot, etc.

    The right hand column is completely empty, except for a huge dotted box at the top.

    Is something funky happening on my dashboard, or are you in the midst of (more) changes?

    Doesn’t matter what browser I’m using, it looks the same on all of them.


    The blog I need help with is sensuousinkspiller.com.


    No difference on mine.



    Hi there,
    I don’t see any changes on my dashborad. The modules I selected to display under screen options are the ones appearing. Have you read the support documentation here? http://en.support.wordpress.com/screen-options/



    I know about screen options, but didn’t think they changed on their own. Sure enough, “2” columns was now checked, instead of the “1” I had. Don’t know how that happened, but… all is back to how it had been! :-)



    Thank you for the links, timethief! I didn’t change the resolution, but reading that thread was helpful, for other reasons. :-)

    It all seems to be staying as it should, now, so… I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I’m happy!



    You’re welcome. Mine is “holding” too and hopefully will remain the way I want it. :) One day when I have time I’ll make a list of all thes threads I recall so I don’t have to use Google search to find them. I’m no longer into bookmarking as mine rival the Library of Congress collection size … lol :D

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