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    I need help with Dara theme.

    On its Overview page, it says “If you would like to copy the look of the demo site, follow these steps:” and I’ve followed 1st step, but I can’t do 2nd step because I can’t find the “Static Front Page” option.

    I thought that maybe it refers to “Homepage Settings” so I tried the step with that option but it doesn’t copy anything.

    The blog I need help with is viarachma.wordpress.com.


    Hi @viarachma,

    I thought that maybe it refers to “Homepage Settings” so I tried the step with that option but it doesn’t copy anything.

    You can set Static Front Page through “Homepage settings”.
    With that option you can copy the same look of Dara theme using your site content.

    Currently I can see there are two types of webpages on your site i.e Post Page and Portfolio Page.

    As per the theme, create a home page as suggested in step1. Follow My Site → Pages → Add Page.

    Please put up more queries if you have.



    I’ve tried to set it like this. It’s still not giving me the same look as Dara’s theme demo site’s static page.

    For additional information, these are all the pages I’ve published, although most of them are blank pages.



    Hi there,

    You’ve correctly set a front page, but that page is completely empty, and there’s a few more steps to set up that page to look like the Dara demo’s front page, explained at https://wordpress.com/theme/dara

    To enable the post slider at the top, you need published posts on the site, with featured images, and the designated tag for featured content added. You currently have one published post, but it doesn’t have a featured image and it doesn’t have the featured tag currently set in the Customizer under Featured Content.


    Underneath the slider on the demo site is the actual front page content, so to have that display you can edit your Home page set as the front page, and add whatever content you want to that.

    Below that Dara has a Featured Pages section. You can specify what should appear there under Theme Options in the Customizer – you’ll only be able to select from pages that already exist on your site, and for best results you should also add a featured image and custom excerpt to each of those pages, as that’s what will be displayed on the front page.

    Next comes a Testimonials section. At the moment you don’t have any testimonials published on your site. As soon as you do, those will appear in that section.


    At the very bottom on the demo site is the widget area. You can add the widgets you want to appear there under Widgets in the Customizer. The Dara demo site has a text widget with the About us text in Footer 1, the Contact Info widget in Footer 2, and another text widget with the business hours in Footer 3, but you can use whatever widgets you want there.




    Oh, I see… I’ve mistakenly interpreted the instructions as “if you do steps 1~3, the front page will be automatically copied”. I think it’s because I at first chose Shawburn theme and I automatically got a static Home page.

    I’ll try to do those steps, kokkieh. Thank you for the explanations!

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