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    is there an option somewhere, as there is in Moveable Type, to customize the index.html template so that i can create new id tags? if not, then the css customization option is somewhat less than useful for me – i like to be able to choose where i am applying it. thanks – r.

    p.s. – i’m afraid you’re going to tell me i have to upgrade to get at the template. if so…i’m very disappointed.




    What kind og tags are you trying to add in? I know some folks here add new divs directly into posts and widgets for what they need.

    Best bet would be to grab a copy of the software from and find yourself a host. We don’t have access to the templates here since we’re using WordPress Multiuser which is a shared environment and, if you were to make these modifications, you would be making them for everybody who used that template and they would be doing the same to you. If you use the regular wordpress software, you then have complete control over the template.

    Hope this helps,

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