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    I am trying to make the slider looks more aesthetically pleasing. I would like to have the full featured image in a small square rather than just showing the middle extract. And I would like the background of the blurb to match the colors of the site rather than being yellow. Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Sarah,

    Here’s some CSS code that will let you set the background colour of the featured posts on your front page. It’s set to match the colour of the search box but you can switch it for whatever colour you prefer:

    #featured-content .featured-post {
      background-color: #DADADA;

    The image is a little more difficult. It looks like the theme itself is set up to scale the image horizontally to 640px wide and then crop out everything but the central 290px to fit the space (for desktop resolutions at least). Which means you can’t use CSS to show the entire original image. It’s also a bit of a pain as, like the theme page states, that all other featured images show as 290px squares.



    Thanks, I’m new to this so sorry for the stupid questions but where do I put this code?



    If you have one of the paid plans (editing CSS isn’t available on the free plan – although you can preview how it would look) then you can go to your customiser, and then copy it into the box you get in the CSS section.

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