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    I hate hate hate having to grovel again so soon, but I have switched to the Vigilance theme and cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my copyright info into the footer. Nothing I’ve seen or done with other themes comes close to what I need here. I end up with the info in all sorts of weird places on the page — everywhere but centered in the footer. As I await yet another rescue, I’ll continue to work on this with whatever info I can find. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    The only way would be to put it in a text widget and then position that text widget into the footer area.

    How exactly have you been trying to do it?



    I sort of understand the general concept of creating a text widget in the sidebar and repositioning it to the footer (hallluke did it for me once before on a different theme). But I don’t know CSS well enough to change a custom footer from another theme to work in Vigilance.


    First off, the footer that is in Vigilance right now cannot be removed, it is not allowed and can get your site suspended or deleted.

    Secondly, CSS is for styling only. It is simply a document that the browsers use to style the XHTML elements of a web page, so you cannot use it to add or change functionality. You might be able to style the footer to look like a footer on another theme, but you cannot add elements to, or edit the elements that are there now for content.



    I’m not wanting to change or remove the existing footer. I just want to add my copyright line to it. I know the method used involves first putting the text in a sidebar widget and then repositioning the text into the footer, but I don’t know how to do it.

    On his blog at hallluke provides the code for five themes, but Vigilance is not among them.

    WordPress has said this is okay as long as the existing footer information is not removed.


    Put the copyright stuff into the text widget and into the sidebar and then let me know the link to the site and I’ll work out the code for you.



    Okay, its the single line in the untitled widget at the bottom of my sidebar —
    Sorry to be so much trouble, and so inept at explaining things.


    Give the following a try and check it both logged in and logged out to see if the alignment changes. Also if you have a couple of different browsers, check it in each both logged in and logged out.

    #wrapper {
    position: relative;
    #text-165762484 {
    position: absolute;
    bottom: 8px;
    left: 425px;


    Beautiful. Looks perfect in Mac Firefox and Chrome. Didn’t work in Safari, which doesn’t concern me. I’ll check Windows IE and Firefox tomorrow when that computer is up. Thanks so much. I’ll have to write this on my forehead or something. Saving a note on the computer didn’t work last time; I’m still looking for that.


    Hmmm, I’m on Safari 5 and it is properly aligned for me.


    I just checked in Safari while logged out and it is right where it should be.

    What version of Safari?



    My bad. I guess I just needed to refresh the page. They all work now. You’re a genius.
    Thanks again.


    Thanks, glad we got that working and you are welcome.


    IE… that is the badger in the kitchen. I’ll be interested to see how it reacts.



    It looks just as good in Windows IE and Windows Firefox. Thanks again!


    You are welcome and that is great to hear.

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