Custom Domain Not Available, But Isn’t Taken

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    I had an account, which was attached to the domain I’m requesting to use now. I deleted that account months ago. I understood it that if the account was closed for more than 30 days, the domain would be free to use again. How do I get back ownership of that domain?



    You can’t. After 30 days all content is purged from the servers and the domain is locked forever,


    Note that the 30 days refers to the period after which an email address becomes available again to create a new account or the timeframe within which deleted free sites/accounts may be reactivated by staff.
    PS: You mention “custom domain”? What was the address of the domain? Did you delete a paid plan? If you’re talking about a free subdomain ending in .blog or as @staartmees says domain and content will be gone.

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